• Hello everyone I am Aniket. I did my CPL training from 2 Fly airborne in just 7 months .Flight school is very good , they have a lot of aircraft and helpful instructors . HM Aviation supported me in each and everything , first to pick the right flight school , then in the visa process and they helped me and guided me during my entire training in the USA .After I came back from the USA they helped me in my conversion process . Then through them I went for my Airbus A320 Type rating at one of the best ATO s in the world and after coming back to India I got selected with Air India as a Pilot . My experience with HM aviation has been amazing and I would love to recommend everyone to join Hm aviation if you want to become a pilot .

    Capt Aniket Pilot With Air India
  • I started with HM aviation just after my class 12. Since then it has all been a wonderful journey.CPL ground school was an amazing . It was made sure that our concepts are strong .During this time I was also guided through the process of medicals, visa and computer number . For flight training I was been send to one of the best flying school in New Zealand . They were closely monitoring my training and ensured everything went smooth and they visited us in NZ when we were undergoing our CPL training . Finally it was time for Dgca exams and I was worried because I had only 50 days for the preparation, but nevertheless the faculty of HM aviation was very supportive .Even at midnight if I had any doubts, they used to clear it. I was able to pass all my dgca exams in first attempt& I scored 81 in Navigation,86 in Meteorology and 70 in Regulations .I also did my A320 type rating from HM aviations partnered type rating school and my experience was excellent. My Experience with HM Aviation was Fantastic and as per me its the best pilot training academy.

    Capt Harshpreet Pilot With Air India
  • My name is Kunal and i started my journey with HM aviation from day 1 starting with the Ground school. The instructors here were very experienced and nice and made me feel like Aviation is no rocket science and is very easy and scored amazing grades above 90%. Later i went for my Flying training in 2 fly airborne,USA. Which I completed within 5 months and enjoyed a lot.Then later on i converted my FAA license to DGCA license throughout which HM assisted my complete process and helped me a lot. Later HM guided to choose the best and cost effective TRTO for my type rating and looked after all my paperwork and licenses. After getting my A320 rating endorsed ,HM helped me for Airline Prep and now i am working as a commercial pilot with one of India’s leading airline . Big shoutout to the Whole HM team and the instructors.

    Capt Kunal Pilot With Indigo Airlines
  • I joined HM Aviation in 2019 , First I did my DGCA CPL ground classes with them and my experience was excellent . Training faculty at HM is quite knowledgeable ,experienced and they work very hard with you .After my ground classes I joined their partnered flight school in New Zealand Air Hawkes bay ltd . As per me it is one of the best flying schools , training at AHB is top class . During our training HM used to regularly be in touch with us and they used to visit us in New Zealand as well just to ensure our training is going well . After coming back to India they got my conversion done . Thereafter I went for my A320 type rating through HM Aviation and I was very happy with the quality of training at their partnered Type rating organisation . I recently joined Air India as a Trainee first officer and I would like to thank HM Aviation for everything they did for me .

    Capt Chirag Pilot with Air India
  • Hi I am Anuj from Ghaziabad, I am a student of HM Aviation . I completed Zero to CPL/MEIR at there partnered flight school in USA - 2 Fly Airborne in less than 6 months .Flight school had a very huge fleet of aircraft’s ,well qualified and experienced instructors and amazing training facility .First HM helped me in getting my visa and after that they were always in touch with me when I was going through my training .If anytime I needed any help they were always there to help me . After coming back they are helping me with the entire conversion process . I would like to recommend HM Aviation and 2 Fly airborne to anyone who wants to become a Commercial Pilot . Thank you for everything HM Aviation

    Capt Anuj Pilot With Akasa Air
  • HM Aviation had been a fantastic organisation to shape the students' understanding of the core concepts of Aviation Navigation, Meteorology and Regulations and other subjects. Personally, the faculty have been instrumental in helping me cope with the pressure of these subjects and have excellent peer teaching methods which improved my conceptual knowledge and helped me to score 91/100 in Air Navigation , 96/100 in Aviation Meteorology and 96/100 in Air Regulations exams . Overall, they are a great academy for achieving success and have helped me tremendously .

    Capt.Suhaas Pilot With Indigo Airlines
  • Hi Guys I am Rajeev , I went to 2Fly Airborne for my CPL training through HM Aviation . First thing which impressed me the most as soon as I landed at 2fly was the huge fleet of aircrafts and I realised I had landed at the right place . I completed my training at 2fly within 7 months and I had an amazing experience with 2fly .

    Capt Rajeev Pilot With Akasa Air
  • Hi, I joined HM Aviation back in 2021 just after my 12th standard, and coming from a family with no aviation background, there was surely a lot to learn. HM helped me at every step, even though at that time the ground classes were online due to COVID. I faced no difficulties in understanding the topics and then gave my DGCA exams. After that, I went for my flying training in the USA, and I have to say HM helped me throughout with the visa process and the documentation for the same, for which I'm really grateful. I completed my flying training in about 7 months, after which I came back to India and did my conversion flying. Then I applied for my Indian CPL, in which HM helped again. I then went for my Type Rating on A320 in Vietnam through HM, where again all the documentation and visa process were taken care of. After completing my TR, I came back and started preparing for airline exams with HM, and I cleared all of them. I had the privilege of choosing the airline I want to join. So, if you're someone who wants to be a pilot and doesn't know where to begin, I think HM is a great place to be. It's been my home for all of my training, and I've never been let down. Safe landings !

    Capt Yash Pilot with Air Vistara
  • I am incredibly grateful to HM aviation for their profound impact on my aviation journey. Their guidance, expertise, and unwavering support have been instrumental in shaping me into the pilot I am today. I appreciate all the time and effort invested in sharing your knowledge and experience, helping me navigate through challenges and milestones alike. Thank you for believing in me and for being an inspiration every step of the way. Thank you so much to surpreet sir and Siffat mam and all the staff equally involved to guide me through. Extremely grateful ?

    Capt Twesha Pilot with Indigo Airlines
  • HM aviation has been with me throughout my aviation journey from my flying training until I secured a job at an airline. They helped me choose the best and efficient flying school for my CPL, and for my type rating as well and made sure i never had to worry about any documentation as they guided and helped me through all the documentation and visa processes and thereafter also were available at all times if i needed any more help while i was at the flying school. All members of HM aviation have always been extremely helpful friendly and knowledgeable in guiding me throughout at every stage of my aviation journey.

    Capt Tulika Pilot with Indigo Airlines
  • HM aviation's commitment to excellence and student success is evident in every aspect of their program. The entire team is very cooperative and helpful, from going abroad for training to TR, HM has guided me throughout my journey. Thank you HM aviation for your invaluable guidance and mentorship. Your expertise and unwavering support have been instrumental in helping me navigate challenging situations and stay on track. I am deeply grateful for the time and effort you invested in me, and I appreciate the positive impact you've had on my life and career. Thank you for showing me the path and helping me reach my goals. I am forever thankful!

    Capt Gauri Pilot with Indigo Airlines
  • It was good, studying at HM aviation because of Good Infrastructure and Quality Study Teaching by Friendly Teachers. The Staff Is Co-operative, Friendly and Very Flexible. Preparation Tests & Experience of Teachers makes You more Confident of What you are Studying, What to Expect in Exam And How much one is Prepared. It was a Good and Learning Experience STUDYING at HM

    Capt Sharan Pilot WIth Indigo Airlines
  • Being a part of HM Aviation was the first step towards my goal. It has been an unforgettable journey at HM. Starting from the infrastructure/availability of resources to the quality of instructors. I deeply thank all my instructors at HM Aviation for not only just covering up the needed syllabus to pass the DGCA papers but also for giving me reality based knowledge which would definitely help me a lot. All the instructors had their way of connecting with the cadets. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. My journey at HM Aviation might have ended but my respect and connection with the instructors would never end. I would specially thank Grp. Cpt. Vineet sir as most of my time was spent in his class. The way he taught has made navigation my favourite subject in aviation. I would thank Capt. Anuj sir for being so cool and at the same time giving us such good knowledge. He didn't only give us the needed theoretical knowledge but also made sure that we apply all of it in day to day life like a true meteorologist making the subject fun. Thank You

    Capt Yash Pilot with Indigo Airlines
  • Hi my name is Saanvi , I joined HM back in 2021. I started by taking their CPL ground classes online. The ground classes lasted approximately 3 months and it was an amazing experience in itself. Learned a whole lot about the aviation world and the basics everyone should be knowing before starting their career. In December 2021 I went to 2Fly Airborne in Florida via HM and it was just amazing. I completed my training in 8 months. Upon coming back HM again provided revision classes to help me clear my DGCA Exams. Soon after I started my pre type rating classes with them, it was a challenge to understand everything at first because there was a lot of new things to remember this time. In June 2023 I went to BAA TRAINING in Vietnam for my Airbus320 type rating. It was absolutely amazing and nerve wrecking to fly the simulator of the bus. They provided all the basic needs like great accommodation and breakfast. Post type rating HM conducted the revision classes and this time everything made perfect sense, I felt these classes actually helped us clear our doubts and understand everything completely. Last but not the least HM also conducted airline preparation classes which help a lot in clearing the concepts and passing the written exams. Overall HM has been a great help since day one of me aiming for my future goals. Really appreciate the support I got from Surpreet Sir, Shivani Ma’am and Faraz Sir.

    Capt Saanvi Pilot with Air Vistara
  • Capt Jayant-- Hello everyone I am Jayant , I am an ex student of HM Aviation . I did my CPL Ground classes with them and CPL Flight training , A320 Type rating through them at their partnered schools . I had a lovely experience with them .

    Capt Jayant Pilot With Air India
  • I am Yatharth I did my Flight training and type rating through HM aviation . They helped me in my visa process and they closely monitored my training at all times. Anytime I needed any help or any guidance they were always there for me . I had a wonderful experience with them Thank You Hm !!

    Capt Yatharth Pilot With Indigo Airlines
  • I have always dreamt of becoming a pilot my entire life, and not just being a pilot but being a good pilot, the best pilot I am capable of becoming. In order to achieve that you need 2 very important things which are, a great flight school and the will to work hard enough to realise your dream and make it a reality. HM aviation has helped me in picking a great flight school in New Zealand and helped me in each and every process from day 1 till now . When I was undergoing my training in New Zealand they visited the flight school many times just to ensure that we are offered high standard of ground and flight training . After I came back to India they helped me in my conversion process and further they got my ATR72-600 type rating as well . HM Aviation is team with an appropriate mix of dedication, compassion and love for our little aviation industry. I had a lovely experience with them and I would recommend them.

    Capt.Dhruv Pilot With Indigo Airlines
  • Hello everyone I am Rohit , I joined HM Aviation back in 2018 for my Ground classes . Classes at HM were great , instructors are highly knowledgeable and they focus on concept based training. After completion of my classes I went to New Zealand for my CPL Flying through HM aviation and my experience at Air Hawkes bay in Nz was also very good . Flying school is very good , instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful . Aircrafts are well maintained and Training facility is excellent. After I came back to India , HM assisted me with my conversion process . Then I went for my Airbus A320 type rating through HM Aviation and had a lovely experience there as well . I would like to thank everyone at HM Aviation for everything.

    Capt.Rohit pilot With Air vistara
  • I am Kannan student of HM Aviation , I completed my flying from USA . First Hm Aviation helped me in picking the right flight school in USA . Flight school was very good , they had experienced instructors and good aircraft’s . They helped me in entire visa process . Team was always in touch with me when I was doing my training in USA . After coming back they provided me ground classes and I cleared my Dgca exams with a good score . After that they helped me with entire conversion process and kept on guiding me in each and every step . Today I got selected with Spicejet airline as a Trainee First officer . I would like to thank entire team at HM aviation and specially Surpreet sir for always being there for me and guiding me the correct path

    Capt Kannan Pilot with Spicejet
  • I would like to thank HM Aviation for whatever they have done for me . I started my journey with Hm Aviation in 2017 , first they helped me in picking up a very good flight school -2 Fly Airborne Merritt Island , Usa . I completed my CPL / MULTI and Instrument Rating there in 7 months as per Dgca curriculum .Flight school , flight instructors , aircrafts ,training facility , accommodation etc was excellent . After returning back to India they helped me in my Conversion from FAA CPL to DGCA CPL . Then after my DGCA CPL they helped me with my type rating . Special Thanks to Capt Surpreet from HM aviation for everything they have done for me.

    Capt. Krishnakant Pilot With Indigo Airlines
  • I chose HM Aviation because i simply could not find any other provider that offered all the tools that i needed under one platform such as pilot training, license conversion, mentor etc...Surpreet sir is one of those rare individuals who is able to guide in the best possible manner to become a successful pilot.I have completed my cpl from US and is highly grateful to HM Aviation for there support in every process starting from counsellor to assisting in VISA process and back for conversion.Words are less to express my gratitude for evolving a better person out of me.I would love to suggest future pilot aspirant s to join HM Aviation in order to fulfill there dreams.

    Capt. Kunal
  • Thank you so much for hm aviation who gave me opportunity to fly in USA it was my great experience there.I would like to thanks all hm aviation staff Who stayed with me any kind of situation and big appreciate for Surpreet Sir Your sincerely.

    Capt. Satinder
  • Hi, I am Sharone Jennifer, NZ Commercial Pilot Licence holder. I'd like to thank HM Aviation who stood as a backbone in making my dreams come true. I started my journey with HM Aviation in 2018 when I literally had no idea about aviation. We had good instructors for ground training and PTE (for those who chose to fly to NZ for their training). I Scored 74 out of 90 in my PTE exam. Then we started my visa process. HM has a good team and all the procedures were carried out smoothly. No mistakes were made. I got my New Zealand visa in January and I landed in New Zealand on 28th of January 2019 and started my flying training on 31st of January. We had amazing instructors and I was able to clear all my PPL and CPL papers in the first attempt. There was a team in HM who used to regularly check on us to make sure everything was going on well. Also, Capt. Surpreet used to visit us once every three months to keep track of our progress and discuss any matter of concern. I was really glad that I made the right choice by joining HM Aviation. I returned to India after the completion of my training in December 2019 with a New Zealand CPL. I started my conversion process in January 2020. We had very good teaching faculty with experienced instructors . We had online classes until the nationwide lockdown was announced after which online classes were conducted. When the news about the exams came out, revision classes were started and mock tests were given in order to prepare us for the exams in the best possible way. HM aviation extended their full support and kept us motivated for the exams. I was able to clear all three papers with flying colours. I scored 78 in Navigation, 78 in Meteorology and 84 in Air Regulations. I am more than happy to be a student of HM aviation. Thank you.

    Capt Sharone
  • Hi, My name is Shruti, and I am from Ranchi. So the Journey with HM has been really exciting ,full of knowledge and I thank all my instructors for the knowledge they have imparted to me. The teachers are really friendly and knowledgeable, it’s the best pilot training institute you can go for your CPL ground classes . HM has always been very Supportive, they assisted me in every way possible. It’s a very prestigious institute. I cleared all my exams in the very attempt and my score in Navigation is 76/100 , Meteorology 86/100 and Regulations 78/100 . So you can choose HM Aviation if you want to become a pilot , it’s a very nice institute. Thanks Shruti

    CAPT Shruti pilot With Indigo Airlines
  • Hi, My name is Paarth, I am from Gujarat. I joined HM Aviation for my ground classes and I have cleared all the DGCA CPL Exams , i.e, Navigation, Air Regulation and Meteorology in the 1st attempt , my score in these exams was - Navigation - 78/100 , Meteorology- 74/100 , Regulations - 80/100 . I would like to thank all the instructors at HM Aviation, they were very professional and they have a great knowledge of Aviation subjects and they worked very hard, they finished the course within the period of 2.5 months so that we get ample of time for our preparations and I would recommend everyone who is interested to become a pilot to join HM Aviation . Thank you

    Capt Paarth Pilot With Indigo Airlines
  • I'm delighted to provide a testimonial for HM Aviation, the institute where I pursued my aviation studies. Under their expert guidance, I successfully passed all my exams with flying colors, scoring an impressive 76 in Navigation and an outstanding 86 in Meteorology. HM Aviation's dedication to excellence and comprehensive curriculum played a pivotal role in shaping my success in the field of aviation. The instructors there are extremely helpful and they don’t miss any step in making you a successful pilot. They make complex concepts clear and approachable, fostering an environment of active learning. I wholeheartedly recommend HM Aviation to any aspiring aviator seeking a top-notch education.

  • Hello everyone I am Khush , I joined HM Aviation for my DGCA exam studies around 3 months ago. Its been a great experience with them and now I am finally going to USA for my flying. The instructors there were really great and friendly they helped me whenever I had doubts, they also explain the topics by giving examples so all students were easily able to understand the topics. Also the staff in the HM Aviation office is also great they helped me in each of the procedures like taking visa interview dates and getting ready for the interview. So I am very grateful for their help. Also I scored 96 in Meteorology , 70 in Air Regulation and 74 in Air Navigation in the DGCA CPL exams which I recently cleared in my first attempt because of my instructors and my hardwork. Thank you

  • Knowledge is the key to be a skilled pilot in aviation.HM instructors helped us to learn everything from scratch which helped us to build logical approaches rather than question bank mugging.Right from the movement of the clouds to navigating of aircraft to avoid them. The journey to seek knowledge was amazing. They also focused on building the right examination environment.The three months of ground school was an amazing journey of pressure and fun plus the instructors and the HM team supported in all ways they could. I cleared my DGCA Cpl Examination in my very first attempt and I scored 81/100 in Navigation , 80/100 in Regulations and 84/100 in Meteorology .

    Capt Amay Pilot With Indigo Airlines
  • HM aviation has been really helpful in finding TR slots for B737. The visa process was very smooth and all the documentation was handled by the experienced team. The training at BAA could not be any better. Extension of rating in India was also taken care by the team. I would like to thank and recommend HM aviation to those looking for excellent training.

    Capt Navninder
  • I am Mahesh from Telangana. My childhood dream was to become an airport manager.I did my schooling in commerce stream and currently I am pursuing my final year of B.com in computer application. A while ago I was searching aviation academy's when I came across "HM AVIATION"I filled the online form on their website and within 24hours I received a call from one of their Academic Counsellors. I was explained everything in detail and they invited me for a seminar in Hyderabad which they were conducting. On the day of the seminar I was so excited that I woke up very early in the morning so much so that was ready by 5:00am. It was due to excitement and also because my village is 120km for away from Hyderabad. I reached the venue and was the first one to reach. My excitement grew as the seminar started and speakers started talking about the various Aviation courses and the growth of the aviation industry.I was in complete awe. There were many counsellors at the seminar. I was guided very well and so I joined the very next batch which had seats. I was so excited that I didn’t want to waste any time further. I completed the registration and booked my train ticket to their training center in the capital of our country, New Delhi. This was the start of my aviation career and on the very first day we were humbly welcomed by Surpreet Sir. Before coming to Delhi I did not have good command over English. But all thanks to the HM Aviation staff and my batch mates I managed to learn English .Surpreet sir trusted me and believed in me. His belief gave me the strength to break the language barrier. My first class in HM was with Soumya ma’m she briefed us about Technicals. All the instructors were really good. They explained the topics till everyone understood. Even if that required repeating the topic more than 5 times. But they wanted to be sure that everyone understands. And Surpreet sir Taught Air Law so well. He explained everything in so much depth and in such a simplified ma


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