• My name is Bhargav, I'm a student in HM Aviation , the instructors are too good and highly professional , especially surpreet sir and Arjun sir are the best instructors . They are highly passionate about aviation . They are friendly but very strict when it comes too studies. They gave me the clear idea about how aviation industry works and how hard we need to work to get into it. If you are passionate about aviation then HM is the best place. And this people helped me alot with my visa.

  • Myself Gauri from Delhi.It has been great pleasure for me in getting trained at HM Aviation, under the supervision of Capt. Surpreet Taneja and his team, their experience and vast knowledge in Aviation is commendable. I started my ppl training 5 months ago in HM Aviation that time I don’t know about Aviation world but today after did my training now I know lot of things about Aviation. Time spend at HM aviation was great probably one of the best time of my Life. I enjoyed lot of things during my training. I saw a lot of professionalism in this institute. I met lots of pilot who are working in many airlines now. I made lots of friends during my training. I would personally like to thank Ms. Nidhi, nisha, pooja, rashi who have been available to completcedures.

  • I chose HM Aviation because i simply could not find any other provider that offered all the tools that i needed under one platform such as pilot training, license conversion, mentor etc...Surpreet sir is one of those rare individuals who is able to guide in the best possible manner to become a successful pilot.I have completed my cpl from US and is highly grateful to HM Aviation for there support in every process starting from counsellor to assisting in VISA process and back for conversion.Words are less to express my gratitude for evolving a better person out of me.I would love to suggest future pilot aspirant s to join HM Aviation in order to fulfill there dreams.

    Capt. Kunal
  • Thank you so much for hm aviation who gave me opportunity to fly in USA it was my great experience there.I would like to thanks all hm aviation staff Who stayed with me any kind of situation and big appreciate for Surpreet Sir Your sincerely.

    Capt. Satinder
  • Hi My name is rohit and I am from Chandigarh. I commenced my ground classes from 20th of april 2018 under the supervision of trained, hardworker and experienced instructors. The experience was amazing and the teachers were so helpful especially Capt. Supreet sir for air law, Capt.Anuj sir for meterology, Capt. Tapan sir for technical and Capt. Jitesh sir for navigation. All the team is hardworking experienced and best for students pursuing their career in aviation. The visa process was done by experienced visa officer Nidhi maam which helped me in getting my visa easily and with a proper manner. And at last but not the least thanks to Harmeen maam and Pooja maam and shivani Shivani maam who were the best coordinators. Its an honour to be a part of such a reputed family.Thanks HM AVIATION.

  • My name is Dr. Kartikkay, a Dentist with a dream to fly. Upon realizing where my interests lay I decided it was time to make my dream come true, but was lost at the point where I did not even know how to begin, until I came across HM Aviation. I started my Ground training at this academy and it's been a really wonderful experience. The instructors are well qualified pilots themselves, are very knowledgeable in the field and very helpful too. My own efforts would not have been enough without the right and proper guidance I have received from the instructors and staff, Captain Surpreet who serves as my roll model, Captain Anuj, Captain Jitesh, have all trained me well in the field of Aviation. I would also like to take this moment to thank Megha who was constantly available to help me whenever I needed it, Shivani, Harmeen ma’am and Shubhneeta ma'am who have always supported me from the beginning, Malika, who through her proper guidance helped clear my visa interview for the USA. I have now cleared my Ground training at HM Aviation and look forward to start my flight training.Once again I really appreciate all you guys have done for me.

  • Hi, I am Himanshu I want to share my experience with HM aviation, If you ask me today choosing HM for my Pilot training was the best Decision of my life. They helped me in every situation either it was related to studys or it was related to visa process. They provide the best study material and the way of teaching is whole different experience. There are lots of other students from other parts of India to fullfill there dream to become pilots which creates a different environment to study with them. Overall ,If someone is really passionate to become pilot have a visit and my words will be true for you.

  • I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that the team at H.M Aviation did a really good job from helping me figure out a personalized flying plan to helping me get my Visa in hand. I’m glad I had the chance to work with you all. It’s really great how easy going and helpful the management was. I never had any problem at all. I would like to personally recommend them to anyone looking to use their services for any flying related activity, in India or Abroad. Getting all the paperwork and the process done by myself would have been a difficult task. They were always only a call away for all the help that I needed. Thanks,Guys!

  • Hello, My name is Shivam and I applied for 2fly Airborne school in the USA for my flight training , I would like to appreciate and thank the work done by Ms Nidhi and the team from HM Aviation , they helped me throughout my visa process whenever I needed it in a very professional manner and it wouldn't be possible without them, thank you and regards.

  • The instructors of HM AVIATION were an integral part in preparing me for a career as a professional pilot. Their drive for perfection equipped me with the fundamental skills and attitude required to take on just about any jobs in the aviation industry. The meticulous standards to which they maintain the environment always gave me peace-of-mind knowing that I was safe, while the well-equipped classroom and training facilities created an excellent atmosphere in which to learn. The journey created by this welcoming environment led to relationships and memories that will last a lifetime. I take the skills and experience that i gained during my time at HM AVIATION , making me a Safer and a Confident Pilot! Thank you!

  • Hello, Am Sania from Bangalore Karnataka. Am 18 years old. To become a Pilot was my childhood dream and at initial I was very confused about what to do next and from where to start my journey. At that time I saw an Ad in the web about HM Aviation. I contacted them. After the conversation, I was very clear that I am going to join in this academy itself. So I went to Delhi and spent three months there. It was a beautiful experience with you guys. That was the first time that I was apart from my parents and I had no idea about how am going to be over there. And after going, everything was good. And when my dad asked me, how is everything and I just said him that dad, I feel like am still in home. It was so good to be with you people. Coming to my studies, every instructors are amazing. They are very talented and helped us a lot through the studies. Surpreet sir, Pranav sir, Anuj sir, Jitesh sir, Capt. Kenneth thank you so much. And I like to thank Nidhi mam, Bhavika mam, Shubneetha mam, Harmeen mam, sifat mam, Shivani mam thank you so much for everything. You have been with us in every good and bad times and especially you have made my birthday so special. Thank you so much. Am planning to do my training in New Zealand, which is Air Hawk’s Bay. I hope it will also be a wonderful journey.

  • I am from Kerala and I spend almost 3 months at HM for ground training .It was a great experience ! The instructors were experienced and well trained, they made the studies easier i would say . And on top of that I can't thank enough to the staff who work tirelessly for our visa papers, in short if your dream is to be a pilot , choose HM! Thank you hm aviation for giving me a chance to fulfill my dreams.

  • Hi My name is Jibin . I have done my ground training from HM aviation.The experience with them was very good. I enjoyed a lot. The teacher was also very friendly with us and we can share our problem with them. The staff also helped me a lot for my visa process. It was a great experience for me.

  • As an aviation enthusiast it was a great pleasure training with Hm Aviation I thank my instructors for their great encouragement and support , I thank Supreet sir who always concentrate in the positive side of success , I thank the Hm team for all the guidance provided , I thank everyone who pushed me to be better for my future training and tackle any kind of problems, the training quality was professionally done to distribute maximum knowledge and the basic ideas on how the aviation industry works , hoping to train with you again once I’m back for conversion , it was a great journey and thank you for making everything wonderful.

    Cadet Daniel
  • Hello to the future HM pilots reading this. I am from Bangalore and would wish to share my experience with HM Aviation. HM has an excellent teaching faculty composed of highly experienced pilots. The study material provided is exceptional as well which helps further to clear the DGCA exams. It also has excellent classrooms and helpful staff. All the procedures for visas and other formalities are handled well. Lastly I would like to thank all our captains and staff. HM is one of the best academies to learn how to fly.

  • I’m from Delhi, I loved studying in HM AVIATION because it’s so much fun! As all the instructors and faculty members are very friendly and helpful. And during the course,We have gone through various discussions and practical knowledge sessions which made studying more interesting. Apart from that now I have many friends from various part of India which is a good thing as you, as you get a pretty Good exposure from it, & you get to know things about others things apart from the studies , Which helps in keeping your mind away from studies for awhile. I will definitely suggest others to join this academy who are interested in becoming a PILOT.

  • Hi I am Aman, from Jaipur.I am 22 years of age. I really had a great learning experience with HM aviation. All the teacher and staff members were very supporting. Every instructors try to explain each and every topic multiple times until every student gets the right concept of learning. They try to relate all the concepts with real flying experience for students, so that they can remember for lifetime. Also they give individual attention to all the students helping them in doing their best. I really want to thank Captain Surpreet, Captain Anuj Sir, Captain Pranav and Captain Jitesh for putting extra efforts on my studies. I feel really blessed to have such good instructors. I am going to US to join 2 Fly Airborne flying academy in Florida to continue my training. I feel really blessed to be a part of HM aviation. HM aviation helped me in achieving my dreams. Thank you HM

  • Choosing HM Aviation for my pre-ground training was the best decision I made. It had been a great experience here. Not just my efforts but the guidance and care I received, helped me complete my pre-ground training so smoothly. The instructors and the staff are highly supportive and have motivated all of us a lot. All these memories are unforgettable.With all the support from everyone here at HM AVIATION, I've successfully completed my pre-ground training and I'm very thankful to them for helping me reach a step forward.

  • Before joining HM Avaition, I only had a dream of becoming a pilot but when i joined this institute, they made me believe in myself. They gave me strength & showed me the right way. The staff at HM is really cooperative & helpful. They kinda hold your hand & take you till the end. Right Now i am going to NZ for my PPL & CPL certificates & as soon as i will be back, i will go to this institute again as they are with you till the time you get absorbed by some airline company.

  • I just completed my ground class from HM and it was such a great experience over there. Instructors are very good. They make every concept clear and relate it to the real life and they share their flying experience with us, which motivates us fills us with enthusiasm. Staff of HM is also great, they'll help and guide you in every single process. So if you want to be a cpl or ppl holder then this is the place you're looking for. Good luck!..

  • Hi, I am Hiranya from Assam. I have done my ground classes from HM aviation. It has been a great experience with HM aviation, Delhi. The instructors are well experienced pilot professionals , they are the best on the business when it comes to deliver knowledge in the field of aviation.My special thanks to all the HM staff for their immense support and guidance to clear my USA Visa interview and documentation work.Thanks HM aviation for making my dream come true. Thank you

  • Hi, My experience with H.M ground school was great as the Office staff as well as the Captains were helpful and supportive in my studies it was really helpful for me. Even the office staff was great and they did a great help for me for getting my visa despite all the obstacles.I am really Thankful to all of H.M Aviation staff and to all the Captain.

  • Hi, I am Parth and I loved my experience here at HM Aviation. I’ve recently completed my ground training here and the staff along with the instructors here are highly professional. I joined here as a student but within no time I was a part of the team here team HM. The instructors here are highly supportive and motivational and share every bit of knowledge with the students and the staff takes utmost care of each and every student. HM Aviation have helped me take a step further in achieving my dream of becoming a pilot and joining my dream academy. If you desire to be a skilled pilot with the best experience and memories then HM Aviation is the place you should be at. Thank you

  • Myself Asif i m 21 years old i did my ground training from HM AVIATION and it was a good experience studying with all the experienced instructors. captain surpreet has its unique way of teaching which really helps students to memorize things easily and same goes to anuj sir, jeetesh sir and tapan sir.

  • My name is Bincy and I’m from Kerala. First thing is that we had very good instructors to teach us and they make sure that we are clear with the concept and how to apply that in real situations, they are even ready to explain as many times we want. Next telling about our office staffs, we had a very good team members in Hm aviation, they are very cool and friendly towards the students and help us in all situation. In short if you want to become a commercial pilot I would suggest you to come and join HM aviation. Thank you

  • Hi I am Nikhil, from kerala.I am 22 years of age. I really had a great experience with HM aviation. Especially the teachers and staff members are very supporting. They were ready to explain each and every topic a number of times that every student gets the right concept of learning. Also they were giving individual attention to all the students helping them in doing their best. Tommorrow I am leaving to US for joining 2 Fly Airborne flying academy in Florida to continue my training. I feel really proud to be a part of HM aviation. HM aviation helped me in achieving my dreams. Thank you HM Regards, Nikhil

  • My name is Adith and I am from Kerala.I recently completed ground training at HM aviation and I am here to share my wonderful experience with them. It’s been a great pleasure to be A student of HM aviation and prepare for my pilot dreams. Ever since I started to think I wanted to be an airline pilot. And my father used to take me on vacations To foreign countries and it nurtured My passion for aeroplanes and aviation. After years went by and I finished my 12th And I was in a great dilemma where to join for my pilot training.There comes HM aviation for the rescue of my dreams .I became so happy as they gave me wings for taking off to my dreams. We had 2.5 months ground training consist of Air Law,Meterology,Navigation and Aircraft Technical.The instructor were excellent and very experienced they were my role models.Capt.Surpreet Sir Capt.Anuj Sir Tappan sir and Jitesh Sir Guided us in a knowledgeable way and made sure that we acquired the required knowledge for our further training. I planned to go to Air Hawkes Bay,Newzealand for my Flying training. HM staffs especially Nidhi mam guided us well for our visa purposes and she also made sure that we didnt do anything wrong in our visa filing and took the best measure to get our visa right on time. Thanks once again To everyone in HM aviation who helped me fly to my dreams.

  • HM Aviation is an initiative cohesively knitted by the Team of highly experienced professionals from the field of Aviation. The Client Servicing team consists of extremely passionate individuals managing aspirations of students who wants to attain the state-of-excellence as a pilot, cabin crew, flight dispatchers and managers. The moolah of the Team HMA is directly linked with the success of us. HM Aviation knows the aviation industry thoroughly, the training and professionalism necessary build an everlasting career. They are connected with the best flight schools in the world, which ensures we become the best-in-class Pilots complimented with an amazingly successful professional career. Astonishingly, Asia is witnessing the best economic growth especially in the field of aviation which has encompassed the predictions of anticipated demands of the aviation industry in every way. The enthusiasm of the entire Team HMA results into we being so passionate and result-oriented in our endeavours. HM Aviation stood behind us in taking a strong foot forward in our career. I have been assisted in selecting the right Academy and Country for my aspirations to obtain a Commercial Pilot License.In short, HM Aviation believes in doing right thing at the right time and puts best of their efforts in ensuring our success in an environment of a Living University. HM Aviation has been fully committed to my success from proper documentation to inculcating values best required in the area of Aviation. I would recommend my accomplices aspiring to pursue / excel in the field of Aviation to completely bank on HM Aviation.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Preethi and I am from bengaluru. When I thought to become a pilot, I came to know about HM AVIATIONand I went down there and got ground school training.HM AVIATION gave me a good change to make my dream true. It's been wonderful experience at HM AVIATION. Good instructors, Good facilities, Management is really good, caring and helpful, every instructors has their own way to teach and make every subject easy.And I can say that flying dreams would not have been that easy to come true if HM AVIATION was not there. I would like to thank the management of HM AVIATION for all the support provided to each and everyone. I would like to say special thanks for all the staff who worked hard and who is working hard for us.I am very thankful to Captain Supreet sir and Siffat mam to motivate everyone. Thanks to the entire HM team for making my dream come true.

  • I always wanted to become a pilot but I dont know how to be one so I got the reference of HM Aviation from internet and Shubhneeta Mam called me and invited me at the office. We met capt. Supreet sir , and he was like 'Now its our responsibility to make you a pilot" we were soo happy that day our dream was about to be true.I got a chance to wear a uniform and soon with epaulettes. Instructors at the ground training were so professional and were highly qualified.They were so supportive . They made each and every subject so easy and understandable.Not only studies but their experiences inspired us alot. I am so glad that I chose HM Aviation.

  • Hi, my name is vishal .I have recently completed my ground training from hm aviation. I have learnt many things from HM regarding life too. That 3 month of my ground training was great time of my life ever. For this wonderful experience i would like to thank first manprit ma'am who took me there and after that Hm team. I would like to give special thanks to nidhi ma'am who always helped me in every situations and for that motivation too. I'm very thankful to captain supreet sir and anuj sir for their good guidence to me, they always guide everyone at every step. And my anuj sir is the one who always correct me and make my confidence up. I also wants to thanks jitesh sir for their friendship with me and for making my some moment special.And great thanks to harmeen ma'am, subneeta ma'am, bhavika ma'am and the entire team of HM for the memorable 3 months of my life.

  • Hello everyone myself Gaurav,i have just finished my ground training for CPL from HM aviation so i want to share my experience with you guys it has been a great experience with HM aviation, all the instructors are well trained and they give best knowledge to students. HM is best institute for pilot training,and staff are also very supportive they helped me in everything, If you have a dream of become pilot then HM is the best place for you guys.

  • Hi every one myself Rajat,i recently finished my pilot ground training from HM aviation so iwanna share my experience with u all guys,its been a great journey for me till now with this academy they helped me a lott they are always there to support me in each every step plus my course is completed on time as well as ,now i am flying to US for my further training . All thanks to HM aviation Here instructors are very experienced no matter what they will always help you in your studies,they always clears your conceptsi can ask freely anything i want ,here everyone is so frank The director of our academy Captain.Surpreet Sir is always there to motivate youhe is my ideal as well ,iam lucky that i have choosenthiis academy for fulfilling my childhood dream to become an commercial pilot. Thanks.

  • It has been a great experience with HM Aviation. They have different teams for different work.They helped me a lot in my visa filing, studies and cleared all my doubts regarding my licence and placements.They are very cooperative and provide very good faculty.

  • Being an Airline Commercial pilot and fly the big jet is my passion and dream since my childhood and I’m proud that I have taken the first step towards achieving my goal. My name is Jai ganesh and I’m a Mechanical Engineer. Once I completed my Mechanical degree I wanted to join into the field of aviation to pursue my dream. I started to look for a lot aviation schools and then I came across HM Aviation. The way they guided me before the course commencement and gave me a lot of support all through my decision making process. They have taken the best interest in guiding me through the admission procedures and Im really thankful for their support.I decided to start my Ground training with the academy. The instructors are well experienced pilot professionals who are very knowledgeable in the field of Aviation. I am very thankful to Captain Surpreet Captain Anuj Captain Jitesh and Captain Tappan along with Captain Ken who are expert Aviators and professionals for all the support and guidance they provided from the very beginning and trained me well in the field of Aviation. I would also like to take this moment to thank Shubhneeta Mam who was always available at any time for any help I needed and also Harmeen, Megha and Shivani Ma’am too for being there to help me whenever I needed it. My special thanks to Nidhi and Mallika Ma’am, who helped me with the visa process and for their guidance to clear my visa interview for the USA. I have now successfully completed my Ground training and further flying to USA for my flight training.I am really proud to say that I am a student of HM Aviation and Thanks to the entire HM Team for making my dream come true.

    Jai Ganesh
  • Hi, my name is Saeed , I m from Kerala. I recently completed my ground training from HM Aviation . Journey in HM was full of positivity and informative. All instructor are well trained and they delivery knowledge in the best way. HM Aviation is the best institute for students who can fulfill their pilot dreams. The managing team in HM are AWESOME they always keep us update and help us in our visa process and paper works.

  • I felt very happy joining HM aviation since the ground training was good and the facility was very good and even the instructurs were teaching well and the support from Hm Aviation was very good and it was very helpful for all my documentation work.

  • I started my ground training in HM with a dream of becoming a pilot and , it was not only my effort that I have successfully completed my ground school but there are numerous of people who motivated me and supported me . Surpreet sir will always be an idol for me . Harmeen ma’am and Shubhneeta ma’am always supported me from my beginning. There were many challenges in each step although nidhi ma’am always tackled them for me . With the support of Shivani ma’am and Mallika ma’am , I completed my ground school and also cleared my US visa interview. I really appreciate for doing a lot for me in this journey. Thanking you

  • After deciding my dream is to be a pilot the next step was to decide where to start from and going to HM Aviation Academy was one step closer to my dream and the best one. The experience that I had at HM was the best, with the help of experienced faculties who are themselves pilots made me dig deeper into the pilot world rather than what I thought of. HM not only teaches you but also gives you experience about the world that you are about to step in which I think is more important rather than being always in books. And, also HM prepared me for my VISA interview which was a great help because the way they prepare is the way the questions are going to be asked at the embassy and I got to know that only after giving my VISA interview an getting it.

  • I am Kannan student of HM Aviation , I completed my flying from USA . First Hm Aviation helped me in picking the right flight school in USA . Flight school was very good , they had experienced instructors and good aircraft’s . They helped me in entire visa process . Team was always in touch with me when I was doing my training in USA . After coming back they provided me ground classes and I cleared my Dgca exams with a good score . After that they helped me with entire conversion process and kept on guiding me in each and every step . Today I got selected with Spicejet airline as a Trainee First officer . I would like to thank entire team at HM aviation and specially Surpreet sir for always being there for me and guiding me the correct path

  • I am Soumya from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I have completed my pre ground schooling in HM AVIATION DELHI.My experience in HM was very good. I would love to say that the staffs were very professional. All the instructors were very clear on there topic. They use to clear each and every doubt of mine. All the instructors were concerned with the basic understanding of the concepts which helped me to understand my subjects in a much simpler way. The back office was very supportive. All the staffs were very helpful. They helped me a lot during my visa filling. They use to train me for my visa interview. They explained me the complete process properly and make me feel comfortable so that I won't mess up in the final interview. I would like to thank each and every member of HM AVIATION. Now I am moving to USA for my flight training. . If you are planning to become a future aviator a future pilot then HM AVIATION DELHI is the right place you are looking at. Go for it.Thank you

  • Hi I'm Aman, I've recently finished my ground theory training over in HM aviation,I am currently awaiting for my departure to the US to initiate my flight training over in 2FLY Airborne. My journey up till now in HM is one to be remebered, as it covered the theoretical aspect to aviational subjects taught by some of the best instructors in the industry notably Supreet, Anuj,Tapan and Jitheesh Sir's while being surrounded by friends/classmates who 're all working towards the same ultimate goal as you has definitely learning worthwhile and much more exciting per se.Also special thanks go out to Supreet Sir and Siffat Mam for providing attention during our training well-being and studies in particular and encouraging us to keep on working harder all throughout. Furthermore, I would like to thank HM staff in particular Nidhi Mam and Jasbir Mam for assisting in vital visa procedures and prepping us.In addition, is would like to appreciate Shivani Mam's professionalism in making our duration of the course as planned, carefree and exciting as possible .To sum it up all up I am grateful to everyone at HM Aviation for treating me as a member of the family and bringing me one step closer to achieving my childhood dream.

  • I am Reethu from Bangalore I joined HM AVIATION upon my brother's suggestion and I don't regret it.The teachers have been so good and are well trained and experienced.They helped understand every topic by teaching on twice or more times. Visa assistance group has been very responsible about my entire process to USA.I would recommend it to everyone who wants to fulfill their dream being an aviator.

  • I am J Shiva from professional pilot programme from Hm Aviation. Ground classes in Delhi helped me a lot to understand the subject as the faculty here is very supportive and experienced. Thanks to Surpreet sir for sharing your knowledge with us,you have been a great teacher. My visa process was also been smooth with the help of Pooja mam Nisha mam and nidhi mam. Thank you so much Hm Aviation.

  • As of now Journey with HM aviation has been only for couple of months, it has been informative and interactive, learning is the main goal here, waiting to be back for phase 3 and phase 4. Thank you for your support and guidance.

  • HM aviation has helped and guided with my USA visa process. I underwent ground classes at their Training Center in New Delhi. The faculty was great. I thank HM Aviation for all their efforts.

  • Being a commercial pilot is my dream job because it’s a job which demands so much concentration , responsibility and very good decision making skills from the individual . however becoming one is not easy . the cost , procedures and the fact that the student can be cheted easily if gone to the wrong flight school can be overwhelming to everyone interested in making this as their career . that’s where HM AVIATION comes in , they provide us in depth knowledge about various instituations , current market statistics and even the availability of a job . they become our guiding hand in this field and even insist us to do the ground school training conduced at one of their facilities before going for the actual flight training , which provides us with basic knowledge and skills that is to be used throughout the training , ehich to me proved really useful . flight schools abroad demands high performance from the students and the faculty at HM is preparing us to face the reality . The short training given to us beforehand helps us to create a bond with follow students who will be joining us for the training later and everyone at HM consider us like their own and give us every facility we need even through students coming from various commodities . during this period of the time as we learn the baby steps of aviation , the staff at HM does all the other formalities as that as soon as we finish we can go aboard and start our flight training without further delays. Personally , iam truly happy that I’ve found HM AVIATION who helped me in everything before and will be assisting me after my training until I receive my first job , The experience over here at HM proves to be one of the best times I had in my life . and I look forward to receiving their mentoring and assistance even after I finish my course.

  • I am Mahesh from Telangana. My childhood dream was to become an airport manager.I did my schooling in commerce stream and currently I am pursuing my final year of B.com in computer application. A while ago I was searching aviation academy's when I came across "HM AVIATION"I filled the online form on their website and within 24hours I received a call from one of their Academic Counsellors. I was explained everything in detail and they invited me for a seminar in Hyderabad which they were conducting. On the day of the seminar I was so excited that I woke up very early in the morning so much so that was ready by 5:00am. It was due to excitement and also because my village is 120km for away from Hyderabad. I reached the venue and was the first one to reach. My excitement grew as the seminar started and speakers started talking about the various Aviation courses and the growth of the aviation industry.I was in complete awe. There were many counsellors at the seminar. I was guided very well and so I joined the very next batch which had seats. I was so excited that I didn’t want to waste any time further. I completed the registration and booked my train ticket to their training center in the capital of our country, New Delhi. This was the start of my aviation career and on the very first day we were humbly welcomed by Surpreet Sir. Before coming to Delhi I did not have good command over English. But all thanks to the HM Aviation staff and my batch mates I managed to learn English .Surpreet sir trusted me and believed in me. His belief gave me the strength to break the language barrier. My first class in HM was with Soumya ma’m she briefed us about Technicals. All the instructors were really good. They explained the topics till everyone understood. Even if that required repeating the topic more than 5 times. But they wanted to be sure that everyone understands. And Surpreet sir Taught Air Law so well. He explained everything in so much depth and in such a simplified ma

  • I abhinav from professional pilot program i started my journey with hm aviation on 20th august.faculty is very good and the way of teaching is excellent.i learnt many things specially from surpreet sir thanks to him and the good thing is that there was activity days also .other than this hm aviation staff is also very supportive they helped me in everything like in visa related issues n in preparations like whole staff is very helpfull.now i hv completed my ground training and very thankful to hm aviation for giving me this much of knowledge.

  • I want to say that i am very happy to take admission in hm aviation bcz its the bst aviation institute in whole city. I want to say thanx to supreet sir the director of hm aviation then shubneeta mam who call me the 1st day to take admission in hm for my carrier. The good thing of hm institute is that they make us the best pilot.They send the students abroad for best knwoledge and for becoming the best pilot.Its not my choice its my dream to become a best pilot in future since when i was in k.g.class and the whole team of hm helping me. I promise that i will become the best pilot from your institute . At last very very thankful to nisha and nidhi mam ??????? for making my documents and helping for my visa and all other things ??. Thankk you hm aviation and the whole team.

  • Hi I am Rohit, I want to become a Pilot in my life , then I came to know about HM Aviation which is one of the best institute which help me to bring my dream closer and helped me to become Pilot by doing my all process in very good manner and less time, through which I also got more passionate for my dream and the staff in HM Institute is very well educated and good who helped me in doing my whole process. The head of the HM AVIATION is very well educated and very good person as he taught everything very clearly and cleared all my doubts.As, at last I want to say if anyone want to became Pilot should join HM Aviation as they treat you as their family members.Thanking You.

  • Flying has always been a dream and passion to me, HM aviation helped me in all possible ways right from day one to convert my dreams into reality they have always stood by me and guided me through the path of success. HM aviation had planned a very effective cadet program in Delhi with instructors who were very well experienced, this helped us gain a lot of knowledge. Every instructor shared their experiences of flying which gave us courage to take up flying as a career, they were very encouraging.Our mentors who helped us throughout the two months were very caring, they were always focused on our success, they were always ready to listen to our problems and would find a solution to it at the earliest. We not only had a knowledgeable ground school but also a lot of interesting simulator sessions and some fun filled outings within a short period of two months.I would like to thank captain Saumya who made me an expert in technical, captain Ken who made metheology very easy and interesting he also gave us a few very interesting simulator session, captain Vikas for his very helpful notes for navigation, Kajal ma'am and Nidhi ma'am for all the help and hospitality they never made me feel I was away from home, my dear batch mates who were really mind blowing, last but definitely not the least captain Surpreeth for all those knowledgeable classes and for starting my journey with HM aviation Thank you sir.Big thanks to everyone who were a part of the cadet program my dream would have remained a dream without all of you.

  • It all started with me viewing the website of ‘Air Hawkes Bay’ wherein I found the name of ‘HM Aviation as their official representative in India. I visited HM’s website which told me a lot about aviation and the path to be followed for a successful career in the field. As an aviation enthusiast, there were many answers to be found, HM’s well-qualified instructors helped me get answers to those innumerable queries. The instructors in the academy are very well qualified to teach the subject of their area. The ground training was conducted properly as promised, the atmosphere to study in and the helping nature of the instructors, especially the director of HM Aviation definitely needs to be brought to limelight. Many concepts which were quite difficult were simplified and taught keeping the base of the concept as it is so that its meaning does not change. The non-teaching staff played a vital role in co-ordination and also helping its students file their respective visas. Overall it was a good experience at HM Aviation, New Delhi. Cheers Capt.Surpreet! (Director,HM) .

  • This is Mahendra Recently I have completed my airport management course from HM aviation. I wanted to share few important things about HM aviation Delhi Campus - 1: good instructors 2: good facilities 3:Management is really good ,caring, helpful 4:way to teaching is really good 5:every instructor has their own way to teaching and making every subject easy . After completion of my course now I am working with GMR , it's an experience . Special thanks to Surpreet sir,Piyush sir,Kajal mam,Rashi maam,And all HM team members. Thank you.

  • Hi My name is Namit and im from New delhi, ever since i was a kid it has been my dream to become a commercial airline pilot and im greatful to HM aviation to guide me throughout in a lot of ways, from choosing the right flying school to all the visa queries and formalities, my experience with HM has been a very pleasing one till now and im sure they will continue to guide me the same way in a very professional and supportive manner, i would especially like to thank nidhi and nisha maam for always being available to answer and deal with all my queries. REGARDS NAMIT

  • I'm happy and proud to say that I had done my asst.flight dispatcher course HM aviation, here I got more knowledge about the aviation field with the help of most experienced person in the aviation industry. i would like to thank the management for giving me the knowledge and sending me for the interviews as of now before finishing the course I got placed n Jet airways

  • The technical knowledge, skills, and professional core values that we obtaine while studying will make us to meet the highest standards of performance throughout our career". HM Aviation provided me a good opportunity by providing all the above said. HM Aviation had given me a way to improve myself and work towards my dream of becoming a First Officer at a Major Airline. Now I achieved PPL which is the first stage of every pilot life towards his career. " I feel a solid foundation is made to accomplish my dream.” Thanks to HM Aviation.

  • H?M? aviation gave me a good change to make my dream true. Very Thankful to H?HM? aviation .When I thought about becoming a pilot , I got to know about HM AVIATION and went down there , It was a Aviation institute which is Managing by 3 successful Directors who is having a very well knowledge in aviation field from past many years. So i think they can lead me to a good career . Immediate basis they did all documentation for me and I started my flying with them in New Zealand . All the faculty was good in here. Very happy to fly in New zealand and the cross countries were awesome .Lovely weather conditions. Different climate .Nothing much to worry about the security here because its such a peaceful country. If there is any issues with the Academics or in flying the Cheif instructor and Shirley will help a lot in solving them . Friendly faculties .Different culture and can meet lot of people which helps in development of personality and as far communication skills too.

  • Today i am felling very happy because now finaly.I Completed airport management course and cabin crew from HM aviation i was join HM Aviation on 5th june on that time i dont know about aviation but today i have a lot of knowledge about aviation industry .HM aviation instructor are very good they always help me..HM aviation gretest Institute in india Big thanks to Hm aviation for guiding me. Thanks a lot..

  • HM aviation made me successfully in my career. They trained me as a good pilot. Many friendly trainers who made me feel comfortable inside the institute and in my profession. Quality of teaching was awesome. Here I fly as a good pilot only because of HM aviation. Thanks for the best guidance.

    Capt. Prasana
  • Hi I m Vijay I have completed my b.tech And recently I completed my APM course , Before it I never thought that I will be the part of this beautiful industry. Thanks to My instructors staff at HM aviation After completion of the program I joined GMR one of the reputed name for internship . Experience here is good .So thank you team HM aviation for helping us and supporting us : Thank you surpreet sir Thank you Kajal mam Thank you Rashi mam And all HM staff.Thank you.

  • Hi I’m a foreign student , first of all I would like to thank everybody all the team from HM aviation.It’s was just a dream but “HM”aviation made my dream come true, it’s wasn’t just a institute but a family,the showed me love and care in everything.I have learned every single thing about aviation even what I wasn’t supposed to know I got to know it from “HM “ I’m just greatfull and so proud that I can call myself a cabin crew . Thank you “HM”aviation Your student :Luna.

  • I would like to express my sincere appreciation to H.M. Aviation and its team for their support during the entire process of admission. They've helped me encourage and choose the right Institute for my future endeavours. Special thanks to Nidhi m'am, Sumitha ma'am and Shinoj Sir for being available at any given time of the day to solve the queries I confronted. Be blessed!.

  • My Experience is very good with HM Aviation...Staffs are very friendly and supportive to me,they helped me in every single process.I got my Admission and Visa with the help of HM Aviation.At last,I d'nt have enough words to say about HM Aviation...Except that HM Aviation is Best place for Pilot Training Admission. Be blessed!.

  • The dream of becoming pilot came true when I found the right institute. I thought that was sufficient to start flying, little did I know there were so many steps and bunch of procedures required to start. This is when HM Aviation helped me with all the pre requirements. Right from explaining the course details, medical requirements, visa application HM Aviation have assisted me throughout. The counselors have been a huge help to me. They have personally paid attention to every little detail in creating my profile. They have cleared all my doubts, helped me in fulfilling all the procedural forms on time, assisted me on all queries patiently. I would personally like to thank Ms. Nidhi for all the guidance she has given endlessly. She has been a huge help from the beginning and always has been available throughout all the process. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Nisha, Pooja and Rashi who have been available complete all the procedures.

  • HM Aviation building a successful careers for long time and the team is very supportive and the best part is they always in touch every flight and school.

  • Congratulations to Ashwin on his hiring with Alliance Air as Junior First officer.

    Capt. Ashwin
  • My dream have been brought down to realty with the help of HM AVIATION TEAM. They suggest, guided, and also gave their opinion to me for my well future. The team is good. They really showed their effort.But the team should also provide enough information to students before they select their academy. Which was not done in my case for eg. flying hours in simulator, csessna 172 or any other aircraft,Details about the uniform. If I see it Overall then it's good. I hope that my word will be taken in consideration to improve the team. Thank you it was really a good experience with you all. Once again I would like to Thank you all.

  • Hello, I'm Avinash from Visakhapatnam,After my graduation, I wanted to pursue my Career in Piloting and i came across HM Aviation, which was the representative of the flying school in New Zealand, They handled all the prerequisites required to start the course.They are very supportive and helpful from the day one and ensured that all the procedures were done in a short period of time.Special mention to Nidhi,Pooja,Nisha and whole team Of HM Aviation as i look forward for my training.

  • As I started my journey (Aviation) with HM Airlines, initially proud and by God’s grace, had good Family as a whole...Had good time with good instructor’s class and the way of their teaching and for their Knowledge? As a Student, we had a very good instructor who has showed the way how to be in aviation world. Instructor’s words are really supportive for many Students in initiate. Finally we are thankful to entire HM team for all comfort and their support...to be best product of HM Aviation.

  • I'm Tomy , It has been a great pleasure for me in going to get my CPL from USA through HM aviation.Firstly i go through many aviation agencies but all there i didn't get a complete satisfaction.finally i came to know about HM aviation,Really its a very good experience for me. All the process moves very smoothly by the help of HM aviation. All staffs here are very friendly and helpful.I love HM hospitality,they guide me in a very proper way.I done my US visa interview successfully by the proper and continuous training by them.All other agencies that i gone gave me only stress and depression regarding money etc etc.But from here i got full support and confident to make fullfil of my dream as a pilot & i met a successful pilot here ; Capt. Supreet singh, He is so cool and frendly one then Harmeen suroya mam, she treat me as a family member of her own, then Nidhi,Nisha,Sandeep,vikas,pooja all were work hard for me in step by step process Thank you all, I trust in God because he only make me to come in HM aviation, Thank you HM aviation.

  • Congratulations to Tarun on Your hiring as First officer with GO Air

  • HM Aviation has been constantly supporting me from the beginning that is from ground classes which were supposed to be very difficult as I was from a commerce background, but they helped me patiently and solved all my doubts in a manner that I loved. Other than that going to my visa and fund process, Nidhi Ma’am have been really helpful and 24hrs available for assistance. She made my visa process easily done as I got it approved in 8 days. And in the end, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Kajal Ma’am who have been really helpful. She managed us during ground classes like anything and helped us better while communicating with instructors.

  • Myself aakash and i want share my experience with hm aviation. The all staff members are so helpful and caring. They all helped me in every difficulties. All behave with us like family members. And ground classes provide by them are so good and all instructors are very knowledgable. We all learn so much about aviation and also do fun together. I didn't think so that without them i am able to get my visa. And especially thanks to nidhi mam for being there and helping me. Thank you .

  • Hi, Myself Nayan , From Banglore,India.My childhood dream was to fly. I would show the aircraft in sky and say to my parents that "See one day I'll fly that aircraft. As I grew up even my dreams grew up even stronger. So after my high school studies. I joined for "Diploma in Aeronautical engineering ". After my diploma. I decided to go for "Pilot Training". So I was searching for the flight schools where I came across "HM aviation". Flying dreams would not have been that easy to come true if HM Aviation was not there. I would like to thank the management of HM aviation for all the support they provide to each and every student. In first I dint trust but after visiting to their office which is in New Delhi, it was all going cool. Even I met few staff and also the Manager who answered all the queries and some funny questions with patience.He made me understand what actually the "Pilot" life would be like. I got a good representative from HM aviation who helped me in all aspects and in all other things. Thank you so much mam (Nidhi). Without you it would be so difficult for me.. At last for youngesters if your dream is to fly high in air then "HM aviation" will help in earning your wings..

    Nayan T.
  • Hi. My name is Simranjit, I started my journey with HM Aviation Pvt Ltd, Rajouri Garden, Delhi a couple of months back for my commercial pilot training program...They helped and supported me a lot in every stage of the process. All of them were very kind and were a great inspiration for me to move ahead in the course...They were very supportive and a guided me in the correct sense. I really want to thank HM Aviation for being so nice and helpful throughout my entire process.. Thanks a lot .

  • Hello, As I decided to do pilot training I talk about this with my friends and family. I searched to many flight school in different countries like India, Australia, US, Canada and Newzeland. Then one day I came to know about HM Aviation from one of my friend. Then I filled up enquiry form and one of representative from HM Aviation contacted me and I got all required information. After talk with my parents I filled up application form as per guides provide by my councillor. I also visited office of HM Aviation in delhi as I was very curious to know how my all progress will be done. After providing my detail for DS160 form finally HM Aviation filled my DS 160 form and then after I paid my visa fee in bank. Finally before 20 days of visa interview date I started my preparation for visa interview and It was a very fantastic preparation and guidance provided to me for interview talk was also very fantastic. At last ultimately my visa is approved. That is true I made effort behind my dream but that is also true HM Aviation also made same effort in first step towards my dream. A big thank to HM Aviation.

  • I am glad that I took admission in hm aviation because it is the best aviation institute in the whole city. I am thankful to Surpreet sir who is the director of hm aviation all over India. Then Shubneeta ma’m who was my counselor, helped me take admission in hm aviation and made my career. The best thing about hm aviation is that they make us they really put in lot of efforts in eah and every student. They send the students abroad for best knowledge and for becoming the best pilot. Its not my choice but my dream to become the best pilot. I promise Surpreet sir that I will become the best pilot from your institute. And I am thankful to nisha and nidhi mam for helping with my documents and visa. Thank you hm aviation and the whole team.

  • Hi, I am Clayton from Mumbai . My childhood dream was to become a commercial pilot. I was trying to find various institutions to help me fulfill my dream. That's when I found HM aviation and they help me a lot. They guided me about all the necessary information regarding my training and helped to have a firm base on the subjects. The instructors at HM are really great and the staff too listens to us and thinks of our interest and helped us in all our queries. It was a great experience being with HM aviation..

  • Hello, I am Himanshu from professional pilot program. I started my journey with HM AVIATION on 20th August. Faculty is very good and the way of teaching is excellent. I learnt many things specially from Surpreet Sir and Arjun Sir. Other than this HM AVIATION staff is also very supportive they helped me in everything like in Visa related issues and. Now, I have completed my ground training and very thankful to HM AVIATION for giving me so much of knowledge. I plan to come back to them for DGCA conversion classes..

  • Hi everyone, Myself Naman from Delhi.As being a part of Aviation from last 5 years and passionate about Flying. I searched a lot about best flying institute I found the 2 fly airborne. With the help of HM AVIATION I got the admission in one of the best Aviation institute on globe. With friendly staff and helping nature of everyone at HM I fulfilled all my dreams of becoming a pilot. I filled all the documents and applied for visa with the help of everyone at HM. They told me everything about the course curriculum, flight schedules at 2fly, weather out there etc.I recommend all the future aviators about HM Aviation if u hv a dreamt of flying. Thank you..

  • I’m Kruthi, from Bangalore, Karnataka. It has been my long cherished dream to become a Pilot. Having decided to pursue my pilot training course, I was browsing through the internet to choose a good Aviation School to realise my dream. Incidentally,I came across HM Aviation Academy. They provided me with updates about the aviation field and admission to a good aviation school. I was impressed and decided to pursue further. They have been in regular touch ever since and have provided extremely good service and guidance. They have taken the best interest in guiding me through the admission procedures and I’m greatly indebted to them for their timely guidance. I have never been in personal contact with them, yet, they have taken great interest in guiding me over the phone. I take this opportunity to render my sincere thanks with due appreciation to Pooja, Nisha and Nidhi Ma’am, who have guided me successfully through this endeavour. I long to meet them personally. I have also gone through the reviews and experiences of students of HM Aviation Academy and agree with them about the wonderful services provided by HM Aviation Academy. I’m glad indeed to be able to record this testimony with appreciation and gratitude.

  • I'm Pranav. I just had my first day in Mainland Aviation College in Dunedin, New Zealand to start my flight training for obtaining a Commercial Pilot Certificate. The academy is well equipped and has got awesome instructors. They make sure that the students start tasting flying from the very first day. The perfect climatic conditions in Dunedin made flying lot more frequent. The management had been really helpful in making the first day an ever memorable moment. Big thanks to HM Aviation for guiding me through all the processes to start my flight training, something which I've always dreamed about throughout my life.

  • I have always dreamt of becoming a pilot my entire life, and not just being a pilot but being a good pilot, the best pilot I am capable of becoming. In order to achieve that you need 2 very important things which are, a great flight school and the will to work hard enough to realise your dream and make it a reality. HM aviation has helped me in deciding on a great flight school in New Zealand and helped me in all the steps and procedures from day 1 till now when I am ready to leave for my flight training. They have proved to be a great support and my experience with them till now has been very satisfactory. I truly believe that they will be like a constant companion till the day I complete my training and rightfully earn my spot in the cockpit of a commercial jetliner. HM Aviation is team with an appropriate mix of dedication, compassion and love for our little aviation industry. I would recommend them.

  • I loved the journey which i had with hm aviation people...they are soo caring and supporting and loving towards their students...just like we do with our younger brothers or sisiter and i love that thing about them.

    Sree vijay
  • To Whom May It Concern I am Fuldeep , First of I would like to say BIG THANKYOU to HM Aviation pvt ltd. For help to make my career in Aviation Industry & To fulfill my childhood’s dream to become a PILOT.It was a Superb Experience with HM Aviation who helped me in every stage and also a guide me in proper direction & About Faculty they are very good and very polite.Thank you...!!!

  • The program I've just completed has been an amazing journey. The information and knowledge I acquired has been valuable and I will take it with me as I look forward to new challenges and successes in the field of aviation".

  • It’s been a great pleasure to be a part of HM Aviation, I got complete information about the school, accommodation and hospitality by Subhneeta. All faculties are well experienced and well intractable like Preet Taneja Sir, Harmit Sir, Arjun Sir, Tapan Sir, Febin Sir. As care takers, Mallika mam helps me to get prepared with my VISA interview, and I am thankful to HM team especially Pooja mam, Nidhi mam, Mallika mam and all people for their support

  • I would like to thank HM aviation for preparing me for my US visa interview and helping me for the entire visa process. The managing team in HM helped me in everything They always updated me and helped me for my visa process and paper works. I would like to thank all HM staff specially mallika and nidhi mam for their support and guidance.

  • It was a pleasant journey, ever since i got to know about HM Aviation. They have helped me out in every aspect in persuing my dream. Commendable service by the entire team of HM. I’m done with all my formalities and good to go and persue my dream. All thanks to HM Aviation.

  • Hi..I m k.Aditya ..from Hyderabad.Upon realising where my interest are best at i decided to go for pilot training.Being stuck at a point with no guidance i cane through Hm aviation which had very good reviews and after interacting with them ,i have gained knowledge and they have explained all things in detail and helped me in going through all the paper work and process .I thank especially Nidhi and Bhavika mam for guiding me proper for everything from start to the process of Us visa and Other formalities.Now I am on the verge of completing my dream and all set to go for training and thanks to Hm aviation.

  • Hello everyone myself jayant ,i have just fimished my ground training for CPL from HM aviation so i want to share my experience with you guys it has been a great experience with HM aviation , all the instructors are well trained and they give best knowledge to students. HM is best institute for pilot training , and staff are also very supportive they helped me in everything,If you have a dream of become pilot then HM is the best place for you guys.

  • Hi! My name is Yashika and I am from Mumbai. I would like to appreciate HM aviation and it's team for all the support and guidance during the entire process. I would specially like to thank Nidhi ma'am,Harmeen ma'am and Surpreet sir for being available always. My journey with HM aviation has only been for about 3 months but it has been a pleasant one. Thanks!

  • It has been amazing experience with HM aviation it's my childhood dream to become the best pilot and HM aviation helped me a lot with my visa filling they have different teams for different work they used to take every day my visa interview and that build my confidence the future looks very promising in aviation and HM will continue making a positive contribution.

  • Greeting my name is Nachiketh and I am a student with hm aviation experience so far has been great be it from getting my USA visa and choosing a great flight school.I will recommend hm aviation to any aspiring pilot like myself.The level of professionalism is by far the best I have seen.Lastly I will have to thank Miss harmeen,Miss Rupali and miss Nidhi who were constantly helping me out with all the procedures. Hm aviation all the way.

  • One of the best flying academy in India. The best they they possess is transparency in each and every thing. HM would be entitled in creating the finest pilots in India.

  • Hello , It was a great experience with HM AVIATION . The day i joined Hm Aviation and till the date the management is so far very very good .. Thanks to visa team for preparing me so well that i cleared interview at one go and it was great coordination from HM AVIATION TEAM .

    Khush paresh
  • Dear Sir/ma’am, I Simerpreet Student of HM Aviation would like to share my feedback regarding the staff that helped me get in to the flying school. I feel immense pleasure to appreciate the following people for taking care of each and every aspect of my CPL journey. Harmeen,Nidhi,Megha,Mallika,Subneeta, They all are like so supportive , kind and helpful. I hope that these standards are maintained for HM and you continue supporting us till the end of our cpl conversation. I would like to say that these people are stars of HM, tough I haven’t met them in person but I could feel that. Thank you, Simerpreet .

  • Warm Wishes Of The Day !! Firstly I Want To Thank The Team Hm Aviation For Supporting My Dream Into Real. Since My Childhood My Dream Is To Become A Pilot . They Guided Me For Sky Hawk Aviation And Got My Visa Now. In My Life Hm Aviation Had Played A Major Role In Selecting My Career. Thank You Hm Aviation !!

  • It is my great pleasure to place on record the excellent service I received from the staff of HM Aviation . They have helped me out in each and every step , cleared my doubts , guided me throughout the process and always got things done on time without any type of delay . A special thanks to Mr. Surpreet , Miss Nidhi , Miss Mallika , Miss Rupali and Miss Bhavika for their continuous support and guidance .I would highly recommend HM Aviation for the quality of their service, dedication and professionalism.Thank you for your assistance.. Sincerely, Nishant .

  • Hello HM AVIATION TEAM! I can’t think how far i have come in the last 2 months. I really didn’t think this awesome career would come so quickly. A HUGE thanks to each one of you for your impeccable efforts into this training program of mine and most of all for helping me do the work I absolutely love! I am just where i dreamed of being and so thanks for the ways you supported me in making this dream a reality.If i can help in any way in the future, please let me know! Thank You Hm !!

  • It has been a great experience with HM Aviation. It's difficult to sum up the experience in few lines. All the staff members are very helpful and they guided me all the time. Different sessions did boost my confidence to a great extent that I will experience later on. Thank You!

  • I would like to thank HM Aviation for whatever they have done for me . I started my journey with Hm Aviation in year 2017 , first they helped me in picking up a very good flight school -2 Fly Airborne Merrit Island , Usa . I completed my CPL / MULTI and Instrument Rating there in 7 months as per Dgca curriculum . After returning back to India they helped me in my Conversion from FAA CPL to DGCA CPL . After that I did my Airline Prep with them and today due to there quality training and correct Guidance I am hired with Trujet Airline . Special Thanks to Capt Surpreet from HM aviation for everything they have done for me.

  • It's been an absolute pleasure to be associated with HM Aviation, New Delhi, their guidance towards choosing the flying school has helped me to be at the place where I am learning and gaining skills to be a responsible and skilled pilot.Their step by step approach to get to your dream flying school makes the cumbersome and stressful process streamlined. The staff is particular about documentation and makes sure you get all the assistance on time with professionalism.I highly recommend aspiring pilots to get in touch with HM Aviation to pave their way to become future pilots.

  • Had a good experience with HM aviation, they’ve helped me right from the the counseling days about deciding on which flying school I should choose to the moment I left home to go to it.Would heavily recommend anyone whose looking for more than a mere CPL from a flying school. HM has been way better than what I had in mind.10 stars for the excellent staff of HM.

  • Hi. This is to one who inspired me without being noticed. Yes of course the members of HM AVIATION.who are really inspiring had made my aviation path looks very easy and achievable. To be honest the standards are really good in every field toso the instructors are really experienced whether it maybe Rex, Met, or Nav. And for sure Thank you for the office members to be kind and helpful in all the proceedings. Thank u.

  • Hello everyone I am Aniket I just completed my CPL training from 2 Fly airborne in just 7 months . Flight school is very good , they have a lot of aircraft’s and helpful instructors . HM Aviation supported me in each and everything , first to pick the right flight school , then in visa process and they helped me and guided me during entire training in USA . My experience with HM aviation has been amazing and would love to recommend everyone to join Hm aviation if you want to become a pilot .

  • Hi I am Anuj from Ghaziabad, I am a student of HM Aviation . I completed Zero to CPL/MEIR at there partnered flight school in USA - 2 Fly Airborne in less than 6 months . Flight school had a very huge fleet of aircraft’s , well qualified and experienced instructors and amazing training facility . First HM helped me in getting my visa and after that they were always in touch with me when I was going through my training . If anytime I needed any help they were always there to help me . After coming back they are helping me with the entire conversion process . I would like to recommend HM Aviation and 2 Fly airborne to anyone who wants to become a Commercial Pilot . Thank you for everything HM Aviation

  • Being a part of HM Aviation was the first step towards my goal. It has been an unforgettable journey at HM. Starting from the infrastructure/availability of resources to the quality of instructors. I deeply thank all my instructors at HM Aviation for not only just covering up the needed syllabus to pass the DGCA papers but also for giving me reality based knowledge which would definitely help me a lot. All the instructors had their way of connecting with the cadets. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. My journey at HM Aviation might have ended but my respect and connection with the instructors would never end. I would specially thank Grp. Cpt. Vineet sir as most of my time was spent in his class. The way he taught has made navigation my favourite subject in aviation. I would thank Capt. Anuj sir for being so cool and at the same time giving us such good knowledge. He didn't only give us the needed theoretical knowledge but also made sure that we apply all of it in day to day life like a true meteorologist making the subject fun. Thank You

  • HM Aviation had been a fantastic organisation to shape the students' understanding of the core concepts of Aviation Navigation, Meteorology and Regulations and other subjects. Personally, the faculty have been instrumental in helping me cope with the pressure of these subjects and have excellent peer teaching methods which improved my conceptual knowledge and helped me score 90+ in the exams. A special shoutout to Shivani, who is one of the program coordinators, was diligent and kind with helping all the students. Overall, they are a great academy for achieving success and have helped me tremendously in improving my aviation theory.

  • It was good, studying at HM aviation because of Good Infrastructure and Quality Study Teaching by Friendly Teachers. The Staff Is Co-operative, Friendly and Very Flexible. Preparation Tests & Experience of Teachers makes You more Confident of What you are Studying, What to Expect in Exam And How much one is Prepared. It was a Good and Learning Experience STUDYING at HM

  • This is Parth , i recently completed my ground classes and have cleared my DGCA exams, i would like to inform that studying with HM Aviation was a very good experience with full support of all the faculties when needed, They have a great faculties for all the subjects especially Meteorology and Air navigation. It was good experience in learning with them.

  • Knowledge is the key to be a skilled pilot in aviation.HM instructors helped us to learn everything from scratch which helped us to build logical approaches rather than question bank mugging.Right from the movement of the clouds to navigating of aircraft to avoid them. The journey to seek knowledge was amazing. They also focused on building the right examination environment.The three months of ground school was an amazing journey of pressure and fun plus the instructors and the HM team supported in all ways they could.


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