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Phase 1

DGCA Ground Theory

  1. Air Navigation
  2. Aviation Meterology
  3. Air Regulation
  4. Simulator Training
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Phase 2

CPL/ Multi Engine/ Instrument Rating(Flying)

  • US
  • NZ
  • CAN
  • SA

  • SPL >
  • PPL >
  • IR >
  • NR >
  • CPL >
  • MER
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Phase 3

Conversion Flying

DGCA Documentation + Skill Test = DGCA CPL

Phase 4

Airline Preparation

Written Assessment + Interview Preparation + Guidance for Openings With Various Airlines = Job Assistance


HM Aviation is run by experienced aviation professionals, who throughly know the requirements of the industry. They have developed a training program that far exceeds the requirements of the industry. HM Aviation has partnerships with some of the best flight schools around the world, ensuring students not only receive the very best training, but also gain international experience.

HM Aviation trains 100 pilots per year. The Indian aviation industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, creating more career opportunities than ever before. This growth has created a need for well trained pilots unlike anything ever seen before. The cockpit of the modern airliner needs more highly skilled pilots than ever before, and HM Aviation produces highly skilled pilots to meet the industry's needs.

Popular courses

We offer quality training courses in the field of aviation to transform our students into trained professionals.


Professional Pilot Program

HM PROFESSIONAL PILOT PROGRAM picks you up as a layman to the industry and provides you all the rightful training in 4 different phases to later qualify...

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Commercial Pilot License

The Commercial Pilot License gives the holder the ability to accept compensation [pay] for flying aircraft. The night rating is normally part of the commercial...

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DGCA Ground School

A good Pilot needs thorough understanding of"aviation ground subjects. This is required not only for passing exams, but is also necessary for the safe...

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Multi Engine Rating

The multi-engine rating allows the holder to fly an aircraft with more than one engine. Multi-Engine aircraft are categorized into 2 groups:...

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Type Rating

Pilots start their career on a training aircraft. These aircraft are not usually complex, and are very forgiving of errors....

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Instrument Rating

The instrument rating is issued so pilots can fly into weather which is below VFR [Visual Flight Rules]. This allows a pilot to fly through clouds or land...

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What students say


I would like to thank HM Aviation for whatever they have done for me . I started my journey with Hm Aviation in year 2017 , first they helped me in picking up a very good flight school -2 Fly Airborne Merrit Island , Usa . I completed my CPL / MULTI and Instrument Rating there in 7 months as per Dgca curriculum . After returning back to India they helped me in my Conversion from FAA CPL to DGCA CPL . After that I did my Airline Prep with them and today due to there quality training and correct Guidance I am hired with Trujet Airline . Special Thanks to Capt Surpreet from HM aviation for everything they have done for me.;



I am Kannan student of HM Aviation , I completed my flying from USA . First Hm Aviation helped me in picking the right flight school in USA . Flight school was very good , they had experienced instructors and good aircraft’s . They helped me in entire visa process . Team was always in touch with me when I was doing my training in USA . After coming back they provided me ground classes and I cleared my Dgca exams with a good score . After that they helped me with entire conversion process and kept on guiding me in each and every step . Today I got selected with Spicejet airline as a Trainee First officer . I would like to thank entire team at HM aviation and specially Surpreet sir for always being there for me and guiding me the correct path;



Hi I am Anuj from Ghaziabad, I am a student of HM Aviation . I completed Zero to CPL/MEIR at there partnered flight school in USA - 2 Fly Airborne in less than 6 months . Flight school had a very huge fleet of aircraft’s , well qualified and experienced instructors and amazing training facility . First HM helped me in getting my visa and after that they were always in touch with me when I was going through my training . If anytime I needed any help they were always there to help me . After coming back they are helping me with the entire conversion process . I would like to recommend HM Aviation and 2 Fly airborne to anyone who wants to become a Commercial Pilot . Thank you for everything HM Aviation;


Capt. Kunal

I chose HM Aviation because i simply could not find any other provider that offered all the tools that i needed under one platform such as pilot training, license conversion, mentor etc...Surpreet sir is one of those rare individuals who is able to guide in the best possible manner to become a successful pilot.I have completed my cpl from US and is highly grateful to HM Aviation for there support in every process starting from counsellor to assisting in VISA process and back for conversion.Words are less to express my gratitude for evolving a better person out of me.I would love to suggest future pilot aspirant s to join HM Aviation in order to fulfill there dreams.;

Capt. Kunal

Capt. Satinder

Thank you so much for hm aviation who gave me opportunity to fly in USA it was my great experience there.I would like to thanks all hm aviation staff Who stayed with me any kind of situation and big appreciate for Surpreet Sir Your sincerely.;

Capt. Satinder

Cadet Daniel

As an aviation enthusiast it was a great pleasure training with Hm Aviation I thank my instructors for their great encouragement and support , I thank Supreet sir who always concentrate in the positive side of success , I thank the Hm team for all the guidance provided , I thank everyone who pushed me to be better for my future training and tackle any kind of problems, the training quality was professionally done to distribute maximum knowledge and the basic ideas on how the aviation industry works , hoping to train with you again once I’m back for conversion , it was a great journey and thank you for making everything wonderful.;

Cadet Daniel


Once you have tasted flight,you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,for there you have , been,and there you will always long to return”......well, i have experienced this and for me the whole credit goes to ‘HM Aviation’. I am Harshpreet Singh from Delhi , I started with hm aviation in 2019 just after my class 12. Since then it has all been a wonderful jouney.The ground school was such an amazing programme ,which actually allowed me to enter and explore the field of aviation.It was a door from dreams to the reality. I started gaining knowledge about what actually needs to be done to become a pilot and what kind of study is needed to be done.During this time i was also guided through the process of medicals, visa and computer number. Next phase which was the flying phase of my training , based In the beautiful country,New Zealand. Through my whole training i was overlooked by the hm aviation’s team. I was guided though the Dgca requirements and each possible way for the best of my training.From motivating to me to showing the reality ,all the moments were shared with hm aviation. Hm aviation helped me find the best flying school i could train in and the my flying journey is surely the best part of my life. Finally it was the time for Dgca exams and i was worried beacuse i had mere 50 days period for the preparation, but never the less the faculties of hm aviation were so supportive that even at midnight if i used to ask a doubt they used to reply my queries. With all efforts i was able to pass all my dgca exams as well. I scored 81 in Navigation , 86 in Meteorology and 70 in Regulations . That too in a very short span of time . Overall it has been a wonderful jouney with hm aviationi which in just 1.5 years, from a student i became a Commercial Pilot . I am really thankful to hm aviation for this. :);


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