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Phase 1

DGCA Ground Theory

  1. Air Navigation
  2. Aviation Meterology
  3. Air Regulation
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Phase 2

CPL/ Multi Engine/ Instrument Rating(Flying)

  • US
  • NZ
  • CAN
  • SA

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Phase 3

Conversion Flying

DGCA Documentation + Skill Test = DGCA CPL

Phase 4

Airline Preparation + Type rating


HM Aviation is run by experienced aviation professionals, who throughly know the requirements of the industry. They have developed a training program that far exceeds the requirements of the industry. HM Aviation has partnerships with some of the best flight schools around the world, ensuring students not only receive the very best training, but also gain international experience.

HM Aviation trains 100 pilots per year. The Indian aviation industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, creating more career opportunities than ever before. This growth has created a need for well trained pilots unlike anything ever seen before. The cockpit of the modern airliner needs more highly skilled pilots than ever before, and HM Aviation produces highly skilled pilots to meet the industry's needs.

Popular courses

We offer quality training courses in the field of aviation to transform our students into trained professionals.


Professional Pilot Program

HM PROFESSIONAL PILOT PROGRAM picks you up as a layman to the industry and provides you all the rightful training in 4 different phases to later qualify...

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Commercial Pilot License

The Commercial Pilot License gives the holder the ability to accept compensation [pay] for flying aircraft. The night rating is normally part of the commercial...

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DGCA Ground School

A good Pilot needs thorough understanding of"aviation ground subjects. This is required not only for passing exams, but is also necessary for the safe...

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Multi Engine Rating

The multi-engine rating allows the holder to fly an aircraft with more than one engine. Multi-Engine aircraft are categorized into 2 groups:...

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Type Rating

Pilots start their career on a training aircraft. These aircraft are not usually complex, and are very forgiving of errors....

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Instrument Rating

The instrument rating is issued so pilots can fly into weather which is below VFR [Visual Flight Rules]. This allows a pilot to fly through clouds or land...

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What students say

Capt Aniket Pilot  With Air India

Hello everyone I am Aniket. I did my CPL training from 2 Fly airborne in just 7 months . Flight school is very good , they have a lot of aircraft and helpful instructors . HM Aviation supported me in each and everything , first to pick the right flight school , then in the visa process and they helped me and guided me during my entire training in the USA .After I came back from the USA they helped me in my conversion process . Then through them I went for my Airbus A320 Type rating at one of the best ATO s in the world and after coming back to India I got selected with Air India as a Pilot . My experience with HM aviation has been amazing and I would love to recommend everyone to join Hm aviation if you want to become a pilot .;

Capt Aniket Pilot With Air India

Capt Chirag Pilot with Air India

Hello to the future HM pilots reading this. I am from Bangalore and would wish to share my experience with HM Aviation. I joined HM Aviation in 2019 , First I did my DGCA CPL ground classes with them and my experience was excellent . Training faculty at HM is quiet knowledgeable , experienced and they work very hard with you .After my ground classes I joined their partnered flight school in New Zealand Air Hawkes bay ltd . As per me it is one of the best flying schools , training at AHB is top class . During our training HM use to be regularlly be in touch with us and they use to visit us in New Zealand as well just to ensure our training is going well . After coming back to India they got my conversion done pretty quickly . There after I went for my A320 type rating through HM Aviation and I was very happy with the quality of training at their partnered Type rating organisation . I recently joined Air India as Trainee first officer and i would like to thank HM Aviation for everything they did for me .;

Capt Chirag Pilot with Air India

Capt.Krishnakant pilot with Air India

I would like to thank HM Aviation for whatever they have done for me . I started my journey with Hm Aviation in year 2017 , first they helped me in picking up a very good flight school -2 Fly Airborne Merrit Island , Usa . I completed my CPL / MULTI and Instrument Rating there in 7 months as per Dgca curriculum .Flight school , flight instructors , aircrafts ,training facility , accommodation etc was excellent . After returning back to India they helped me in my Conversion from FAA CPL to DGCA CPL . Post that they got my Airbus A320 type rating done at their partnered ATO, training was very good there as well . After coming back I was been hired by Air India as Trainee First Officer . Special Thanks to Capt Surpreet from HM aviation for everything they have done for me.;

Capt.Krishnakant pilot with Air India

Capt Yash

Being a part of HM Aviation was the first step towards my goal. It has been an unforgettable journey at HM. Starting from the infrastructure/availability of resources to the quality of instructors. I deeply thank all my instructors at HM Aviation for not only just covering up the needed syllabus to pass the DGCA papers but also for giving me reality based knowledge which would definitely help me a lot. All the instructors had their way of connecting with the cadets. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. My journey at HM Aviation might have ended but my respect and connection with the instructors would never end. I would specially thank Grp. Cpt. Vineet sir as most of my time was spent in his class. The way he taught has made navigation my favourite subject in aviation. I would thank Capt. Anuj sir for being so cool and at the same time giving us such good knowledge. He didn't only give us the needed theoretical knowledge but also made sure that we apply all of it in day to day life like a true meteorologist making the subject fun. Thank You;

Capt Yash

Capt Sharone

Hi, I am Sharone Jennifer, NZ Commercial Pilot Licence holder. I'd like to thank HM Aviation who stood as a backbone in making my dreams come true. I started my journey with HM Aviation in 2018 when I literally had no idea about aviation. We had good instructors for ground training and PTE (for those who chose to fly to NZ for their training). I Scored 74 out of 90 in my PTE exam. Then we started my visa process. HM has a good team and all the procedures were carried out smoothly. No mistakes were made. I got my New Zealand visa in January and I landed in New Zealand on 28th of January 2019 and started my flying training on 31st of January. We had amazing instructors and I was able to clear all my PPL and CPL papers in the first attempt. There was a team in HM who used to regularly check on us to make sure everything was going on well. Also, Capt. Surpreet used to visit us once every three months to keep track of our progress and discuss any matter of concern. I was really glad that I made the right choice by joining HM Aviation. I returned to India after the completion of my training in December 2019 with a New Zealand CPL. I started my conversion process in January 2020. We had very good teaching faculty with experienced instructors . We had online classes until the nationwide lockdown was announced after which online classes were conducted. When the news about the exams came out, revision classes were started and mock tests were given in order to prepare us for the exams in the best possible way. HM aviation extended their full support and kept us motivated for the exams. I was able to clear all three papers with flying colours. I scored 78 in Navigation, 78 in Meteorology and 84 in Air Regulations. I am more than happy to be a student of HM aviation. Thank you.;

Capt Sharone

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