Course content: JET + TYPE RATING

Elearning CPaT: CPaT is a revolutionary Aviation E-Learning with interactive, in-depth Computer Based Training (CBT), convenience to train on any device.

Our students have UNLIMITED subscription included in the TR programs. This way, you can start the training even before even reaching your RTO ,  and also use the platform during your training.

Jet Induction Training (32 hours)

  • Theory course ELEARNING distance learning. (12 hours)
  • 5 FBS A320 Simulator with full time ground instructor. (20 hours)

Phase 1: Ground Training  (72 hours)

  • 12 days of theory course with full time ground instructor.(48hours)
  • 6 sessions of VPT (24hours )

Phase 2: Simulator Training (44 hours)

  • 8 Sessions of 4 hours Full Flight Simulator. (32 hours)
  • 1 LOFT session (4 hours)
  • 2 Session for skill test  CA 40 Day/Night & IRPPC. (8 hours)
  • 1 LVO + AWO as required.

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