Boeing B737 Type rating - 

Boeing B737 Type rating - HM Aviation offers B737 Type Rating as per Dgca Curriculum . Train with Best Type Rating Training Organisation | Learn from  Highly Experienced Type Rating Instructors.

Type rating is a type of aircraft certification that is granted by aviation authorities to pilots who have completed training and testing on a specific type of aircraft. This type of certification allows the pilot to operate that type of aircraft  This course includes both theoretical training and training in Full Flight Simulator . 

HM Aviation offers you the best quality type rating for Boeing B737 in accordance with the Indian DGCA curriculum . 

Prerequisite for Boeing B737 type rating - 


  • DGCA CPL + IR 
  • Class 1 Medical
  • ELP, ICAO Level 4
  • FRTOL 

Boeing B737 Type rating + MCC/ JOC Course details  - 


  • Minimum 72 hours B737 ground training 
  • Technical and Performance exam
  • Minimum 12 hours of MCC/JOC ground training 
  • 5 FBS sessions of MCC/JOC ( Each session 4 hours )
  • 11 FFS sessions (including Skill test by Day and night &IR/PPC) (Each sessions 4 hours )

We are partnered with Top type rating training organisations around the world and each of these organisations have experience of training students from India as per Indian DGCA syllabus . These TRTO s offer top class training upto Airline standards ,they have great reputation in the market, training is done with highly experienced type rating instructors , they have state of the art training facilities , very helpful staff , Modern Full flight simulators , accommodation and local transportation facility is provided . 

Fees - It varies from TRTO to TRTO , we request you to please contact one of our admission counsellor on 9810054079/8376900364 or email us at [email protected] . They will be happy to share the fee structure and brochure with you . 

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