Type Rating ATR 72-600

Pilots start their career on a training aircraft. These aircraft are not usually complex, and are very forgiving of errors. Pilots usually fly single-engine and light twin-engine piston engine aircraft. These aircraft require one to be “checked-out” after an hour or two with an instructor. Aircraft have become very complex in their systems and operations, and require highly specialized training for a pilot to fly them. This specialized training is known as a Type Rating.


  • Indian CPL
  • Indian FRTOL
  • Indian RTR
  • Indian Class One Medical
  • Any other Foreign Pilot Licenses (If applicable)
  • Current Resumes.
  • Detailing Flight Hours and Validations.
  • Logbook Copy - First + Last Page & Simulator Flying Pages.



  • 2 Sessions of 6 hours Fixed Base Simulator. (12 h)

Phase 1: Ground Training

  • 14 days of theory course in Madrid with full time ground instructor.
  • Computer Based Trainer (CBT) with full time ground instructor. 
  • Differences ATR 42/72

Phase 2: Simulator Training

11 Sessions of 4 hours Full Flight Simulator. (44h)

  • 1LOFT Session
  • 2 Session for skill test CA 40 Day/ Night & IRPPC.
  • 1LVO+AWO as required.


  • 3* Suite with cooking facilities.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Free GTA Training Shuttle.

Additional Services:

  • Laundry and dry cleaning service.
  • Gym facilities.
  • Swimming pool.

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