Junior First Officer ( First Officer )

India's aviation industry is experiencing growth unlike anything ever seen before. Over 10000 Pilots will be needed in near future . Never before have there been such opportunities for careers in aviation.

Below mentioned are generic requirements for Junior First officers with airlines in India . However requirements may vary from airline to airline .

Entry Requirements For Junior first officers (JFO ) :

  • Indian National/ Foreign Passport Holder with OCI Card
  • Current Indian DGCA CPL or higher license
  • Current Indian COP/RTR and FRTO Licenses
  • Valid Indian Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Fluency in English - both written and spoken
  • All licenses should be valid

The increased demand for pilots have caused the industry to increase Pilot salaries and benefits, making this the greatest time to enter the industry. In years to come there will be shortage of Pilots in India. Airlines in india are expecting delivery of large number of aircrafts in coming years , therefore Pilots will be required in large numbers .

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