Our Management

HM Aviation was formed in response to the rapidly growing demand for aviation personnel. There is a demand in India, and all of Asia for pilots, cabin crew, and ground staff like the world has never seen. HM Aviation is mainly involved with training pilots, and recruiting cabin crew.

To accomplish this, an organization needs to be run by well qualified management. HM Aviation is run by a team of highly experienced management. HM Aviation is run by highly seasoned aviation professionals, such as pilots, and former aviation management.

The management of HM Aviation has many years experience in the aviation industry. They know the standards of every airline, and the entire aviation industry. Management has developed a top rating program to meet the expectations of the airline industry. HM Aviation has partnerships with top rated flying schools around the world. The training program is constantly updated to ensure it is current, and the latest equipment and training techniques are used.

Management at HM combines a strong passion or aviation with its many years experience to creat the perfect environment for those wanting careers in aviation. This has resulted in HM Aviation graduates being highly sought after by the top rated airlines.

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