CPL (Commercial pilot license )

The Commercial Pilot License gives the holder the ability to accept compensation [pay] for flying aircraft. The night rating is normally part of the commercial pilot’s course, but other ratings such as multi-engine and instrument rating may be added to the commercial pilot’s license. The flight instructor’s rating requires a commercial pilot’s license.


  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age for issuance of Commercial Pilot License
  • Applicant must hold a Category 1 Medical


In order to Attain Commercial Pilot License one has to Under go CPL Theory Subjects Like- Aircraft Navigation,Meteorology,Regulation,Technical & Minimum of 200 Hours of Flying in An Airplane,in Which He/She has to Complete Minimum of 100 Hours of pilot in command Time.On Completion of above One Has to Success Fully Pass CPL Written Exam & CPL Flight Test.Requirement are slightly Different in Most of the Countries,But generic hour Requirement are Given Below.

The Course consists of the following:

Dual Flight Training (On Single Engine Aircraft)100
Solo Flying100
Multi Engine Flying( optional)15
Simulator Training20
Ground SchoolIncluded
Ground BriefingIncluded

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