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I would like to welcome you, the world’s future aviators to HM Aviation. You have chosen, which is in my opinion, the most dynamic and exciting career in the world; an industry in which I am so proud to be a part.

HM Aviation is actively involved in the Aviation training and recruitment . The world has never seen a demand for aviation professionals like the present, and HM Aviation trains and recruits individuals to become the finest in their profession. HM Aviation operates on 3 tiers.

One tier HM Aviation is involved in is the recruitment of cabin crew, both Freshers and experienced. Candidates who feel they are a good fit for an airline cabin crew position are invited to contact HM Aviation, and we can assist you in applying for the airlines at no cost, if you meet the airline’s criteria.

The next tier is in flight training . HM Aviation provides first class training to individuals wishing to become pilots. HM aviation has a famous program called HM Professional Pilot Program , which picks you as a layman and provides you all rightful training required to apply for Junior First Officer with an airline . We have experienced faculty to impart best ground and In flight training . In order to provide this training we ensure modern technology and ways are been used as it's the need of the hour . Our training program is tailored strictly as per DGCA requirements , as the ultimate goal is to attain the Indian CPL . This program is well followed up by HM team during each stage to ensure Students graduate as quality Pilots.

The third tier of HM Aviation is in recruiting expat captains for the airlines. Candidates from outside of India who have experience on Jet aircrafts As a Captain and would like to work as an Airline captain in India can contact HM Aviation for assistance in applying for airlines in India. We can help you in choosing right employer as per your credentials and help you with the clearance process in India . This service is at no cost to the individual .

HM Aviation has a team of highly skilled professionals who assist candidates in deciding which career path is right for them. Being managed by seasoned aviation professionals, HM Aviation has an outstanding record of building highly successful aviation careers. This has resulted in HM Aviation in being highly sought after by both the airlines, and individuals wishing a career in aviation.

I would like to personally welcome everyone to the HM Aviation family. We are certain choosing HM Aviation will be the best career decision you will ever make, and will be a most rewarding and enjoyable experience. I wish you every success in your aviation career, and once again, welcome to HM Aviation!

Capt.Surpreet Singh Taneja
Managing Director

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