Air travel is increasing at a rate never seen before, especially in Asia. While this is good news for the airlines and aviation sector, it is not always good news for the traveling public. Passengers have to endure longer line-ups at the airport, over-crowded aircraft,and poorer service. Air travel has become less enjoyable.

People often have to get places quickly. One has to be on time for a business meeting in one city, and then quickly go to another city thousands of miles away. One may have to check out locations, often hundreds or thousands of miles apart. Passengers have to work around the airline’s schedule, not their own. Scheduled airlines often do not provide direct connections between locations one has to go.

As a result, one spends hours at airports waiting for their connection. Any kind of delay, even small can cause one to miss a connecting flight, and be delayed several hours. When one does reach their destination, they are in no condition to do business. Valuable time and money are wasted. Wasted time and productivity gives the edge to your competitor.

Charter or corporate flying eliminates this. One travels at their own schedule. Direct to their destination, at the time of their own choosing. An aircraft will be ready to leave when the passenger is ready. No long line-ups to check their baggage, no long line-ups going through security, and more importantly no lost baggage or waiting at the carrousel to pick baggage up. Transportation will be waiting to take you right to your hotel, or where you have to go. One is more relaxed, and much better prepared to conduct business.

The flight will be a much more enjoyable experience. One can have meals individually made to suit their own preference. Meals and beverages will be individually prepared, rather than made in bulk. One will receive individual attention, and have privacy, rather than have 300 hundred other people on the same aircraft. The privacy will allow one to work, or have conversations without hundreds of people watching. V.I.P. treatment is the norm.

For one who has time for connecting flights, and long line-ups at the airport, flying with the airlines is fine. For one who has to get to places quickly, and likes individual attention, charter is the way to go.

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