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Washing Machine for Sale Bristol

May 08, 2018
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Washing Machine for Sale Bristol

Are you searching for ‘Washing Machine for Sale Bristol’? If so, perhaps consider Nailsea Electrical, the largest independent appliance retailer in Bristol. Established in 1982, we have years of experience in the industry and have hundreds of different washing machines in stock. If you have any questions regarding our products, please get in touch with the store today on 0117 924 6002!


Washing Machine Features


Child Lock: If you are concerned about your child opening your machine or altering any of the settings then purchasing a washing machine with a child lock is ideal. It will ensure that the door is completely locked when you require it to be and stop your child from doing anything with it. This is usually a popular feature with families that have very young children.

Digital Display: Most new washing machines will feature digital display. This provides you with additional details relevant to your wash such as the time left, spin speeds, temperature and other information. This is also known as LED display. It is incredibly useful as the information on display will keep you update on your wash.

Variable Temperature/Speed: Although you can select specific cycles or programmes on most washing machines, you may want to alter the settings for a super tailored wash. This is ideal if you own any clothes that have very specific washing requirements as you can specifically select these with a variable washing feature.

Leak Prevention: Many washing machines have new leak prevention technology in order to notify you if it detects a leak or issue with the machine. Often the machine will even cut off the water supply if the leak is detected so you will not have to worry about coming home to a flooded room.  


Washing Machine Programmes 

Cottons: Cotton washes usually consist of a much higher temperature as cotton is a much tougher material than most. The wash is usually a lot rougher to ensure that the dirt is scrubbed out entirely, which also means the spin will usually be a lot more vigorous and lengthy. This is perfect for towels, linen and any other cotton clothing.


Delicate: In order to protect your garments, many machines have a delicate wash cycle available to use. This cycle uses colder water and also reduces the spin so that no shrinkages or damage occurs to the garments. This is ideal for jumpers, silk or any other material that only require a light touch.


Sports: The sports cycle was specifically designed to clean and rinse sports clothing. The cycle is normally much longer than a standard cycle and will ensure any marks or odours are removed from the garments. It also uses a low temperature to prevent any damage to the fabric itself.


Quick Wash: If you need to quickly wash and rinse something, then a quick wash cycle is perfect. On most machines, these usually last around 30 minutes, though the clean will not be as effective as a longer cycle. However, this cycle was designed for those who require a quick and basic wash, and therefore it is not expected to be as efficient.


Anti-Crease: If you are struggling to find time to do the ironing then an anti-crease program may be the best option. This can be done by either shortening the spin or lowering the speed of the spin itself. It also involves regular intervals to allow the laundry to loosen, preventing creases.


Delay Time: If you require your cycle to start at a certain time or wish to delay the cycle then this program is ideal. You may want to set your washing machine to start a couple of hours before you get home or at a specific time during the day. Some machines also give you the option to select an end time rather than start time, so you can decide when the cycle ends. This allows you to be flexible with your washing.


For more information on our stock of washing machines for sale please call the store on 0117 924 6002. One of our friendly team will be able to answer any questions you may have! 


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