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Fridge Freezer Bristol

April 17, 2018
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Fridge Freezer Bristol

As the leading appliance retailer in Bristol, Nailsea Electrical is proud to stock some of the best fridge freezers on the market. Purchasing a new appliance can often be a hard decision to make, as there is so much choice and also so many things to think about before the purchase is made. Below we have conducted a list of some of the most important elements to consider when looking at a new fridge freezer. You can view our full range of Fridge Freezer Bristol products on our website. Get in touch today on 0117 924 6002 for more information!


Things to Consider When Purchasing a Fridge Freezer

  1. Size

    Depending on the size of your household, you will require a different amount of space of the food and produce you are going to store. You can find out fridge freezers in a variety of different sizes and widths, so be rest assured we will have a product for you. Choosing a specific size will also alter how it looks in your kitchen and therefore you should ensure the measurements are suitable for your household. Make sure you have the space for your new appliance! You should also consider the size of the compartments in your fridge freezer as each product will be arranged differently. You may want a larger freezer or more room for certain food, therefore this can be solved by purchasing a fridge freezer that has the arrangement size you want.

  2. Features

    With any line of products there will be a range of different features on offer for you to choose from. For example, some fridge freezers will contain a wine rack, salad crispers, frost free systems and many more innovative features. This will all depend on personal preference as there may be certain features that you already want included in your new fridge freezer. Using the smart filters on our website, you can narrow down your choice for fridge freezer features by selecting the ones you wish to include. This will make the buying process much easier.

  3. Energy Efficiency

    An important thing to consider when purchasing any household appliance is how energy efficient the product is. Reducing your energy consumption will keep energy bills to a minimum, and it is also much better for the environment as it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Over the past few years the standards for energy efficiency in appliances has become a lot stricter to ensure that all appliances are as energy efficient as possible. The ratings of our fridge freezers range from C (low efficiency) to A+++ (high efficiency.)

  4. Type

    The main two types of fridge freezers you can purchase are an integrated or freestanding one. Integrated appliances have become much more popular in recent times due to the modern and subtle look it provides to a kitchen, though it cannot be moved after it has been installed. However, freestanding appliances are still the most popular on the market due to the flexibility you get with this type. There is also a lot more choice when looking at freestanding appliances. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and therefore it will entirely depend on the type you prefer for your household.

  5. Brand

At Nailsea Electrical, we stock all of your favourite appliance brands! Ensuring that our appliances meet quality standards is important to us and therefore we only stock the best on the market. Brands such as Bosch, Hotpoint, Liebherr and many more are available at our store or online on our website. Our extensive choice of brands gives our customers the freedom to choose from thousands of different products!



If you are searching for fridge freezers in Bristol then you have come to the right place. Call the Nailsea Electrical store today on 0117 924 6002. One of our friendly team will be able to answer any questions you have! 


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