Student Testimonials

  • Lakshay

    HM Aviations Treat us like a family whether you are in India or in abroad.Today I am writing my experience with HM Aviation
    •They helped me a lot in visa assistance .
    •They are always here for me and also they are in regular touch with with me and their other students I am experiencing the great service by their side Keep it up HM aviation ! You guys help me a lot to put me on track
    Thank you.
  • Capt. Prasana

    HM aviation made me successfully in my career. They trained me as a good pilot. Many friendly trainers who made me feel comfortable inside the institute and in my profession. Quality of teaching was awesome. Here I fly as a good pilot only because of HM aviation. Thanks for the best guidance.

  • Capt. Satinder

    Thank you so much for hm aviation who gave me opportunity to fly in USA it was my great experience there.I would like to thanks all hm aviation staff Who stayed with me any kind of situation and big appreciate for Surpreet Sir Your sincerely.
  • Capt. Ashwin

    Congratulations to Ashwin on his hiring with Alliance Air as Junior First Officer .

  • Capt. Tarun

    Congratulations to Tarun on your hiring as First Officer with Go Air .
  • Deepa

    As I started my journey (Aviation) with HM Airlines, initially proud and by God’s grace, had good Family as a whole...Had good time with good instructor’s class and the way of their teaching and for their Knowledge? As a Student, we had a very good instructor who has showed the way how to be in aviation world. Instructor’s words are really supportive for many Students in initiate. Finally we are thankful to entire HM team for all comfort and their be best product of HM Aviation.
  • Abdul

    Had less Knowledge about Aviation Industry But now with HM Aviation, learned so much with best Instructors.

  • Nandhagopan

    I started my Training before 6 Month in HM Aviation, without any Knowledge of aviation. But the training was good to Know about the operations in Airport and about Pilots.

    Since I have completed Aeronautical Engineering and I thought Journey know about the Aircrafts, but here they thought me more than the aircraft and its operation of what and all happening in the airport and Towers etc.

    My Trainers were to Friendly and cleared my doubts whenever I Support to ask them. I miss some trainers who had left from here, but the new trainers are also the some giving ideas about the next step about Aviation field, what to do in interview and all the updates about Aviation, etc.

    I got confidence to face interviews and RTR Exam; this was the experience from HM Aviation.
  • Pranav

    I'm Pranav Amal Raj. I just had my first day in Mainland Aviation College in Dunedin, New Zealand to start my flight training for obtaining a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

    The academy is well equipped and has got awesome instructors. They make sure that the students start tasting flying from the very first day. The perfect climatic conditions in Dunedin made flying lot more frequent.

    The management had been really helpful in making the first day an ever memorable moment.

    Big thanks to HM Aviation for guiding me through all the processes to start my flight training, something which I've always dreamed about throughout my life.

  • Goutham

    I'm happy and proud to say that I had done my asst.flight dispatcher course HM aviation, here I got more knowledge about the aviation field with the help of most experienced person in the aviation industry. i would like to thank the management for giving me the knowledge and sending me for the interviews as of now before finishing the course I got placed n Jet airways
  • Shravan

    Today I am feeling very happy because now finally I completed my training in HM Aviation. I was joined HM Aviation 8 month ago that time I don’t know about Aviation world but today after did my training now I lots of things about Aviation. And I have confidence that I am ready to serve an Airline. Time spend at HM aviation was great probably one of the best time of my Life. I enjoyed lots of things during my training.

    I saw a lot of professionalism in this institute. I met lots of pilot who are working in many airlines now. I made lots of friends during my training. And they all are going to work for airline industry. When I came to training facility, I could NT understand most of the things. But today I understand almost everything. I want to special thanks to my favourite Instructor Capt. Subair. He is great person. I never meet this type of friendly behaviour personality in my life. He is a good person and I can’t forget you sir, in all whole life. And second thing, I want to tell that, if you are really want achieve something in your life than take decision in right time in your life. If you have to take decision in your life than one day definitely you can achieve; whatever you want to achieve in your life.

    In last I want to give big “Thank U” to the entire H. M. Family; to give lots of love and unforgettable moment in my life. I can’t forget those days, which I spend there. Again a big “Thank U” to all of you.

  • Vijay

    It Has Been a Great Pleasure For Me In Getting Trained At HM AVIATION, Under The Supervision Of Captain Subair.

    His Experience And Vast Knowledge About The Aviation Industry And The Friendly And Knowledgeable Faculties In The Institute Had Been Really Helpful And It Is a Perfect Guidance To Future Career Progression For The Pilots And Dispatchers Of Next Generation.
  • Aravind

    I'm Aravind .I done my ppl training in maldives with help from Hm aviation. It was amazing moments with Hm aviation guiding for us. It's really good share about HM aviation.

  • Dharsana

    HM aviation has been a place where I found a unique blend of intelligence n commitment. Great faculty, wonderful ambience to learn .All instructors are good innovative .
  • Aakkib

    It's been a wonderful experience at HM aviation. The amount of knowledge taught is stupendous, and the experiences are valuable. They are very well known in leading the unknown flock to great heights. I am a proud allumini of HM aviation.

  • Karthikeyan.J

    "The technical knowledge, skills, and professional core values that we obtaine while studying will make us to meet the highest standards of performance throughout our career". HM Aviation provided me a good opportunity by providing all the above said. HM Aviation had given me a way to improve myself and work towards my dream of becoming a First Officer at a Major Airline. Now I achieved PPL which is the first stage of every pilot life towards his career. " I feel a solid foundation is made to accomplish my dream.” Thanks to HM Aviation.

  • Shanavas

    South Africa is the best country, especially port Elizabeth province is the best place to get train for pilots....if someone love adventures to get train from port Elizabeth thats going to be be honest i love everything over here. Thanks HM AVIATION for providing me such great opportunity.

  • Satish

    H​M​ aviation gave me a good change to make my dream true. Very Thankful to H​HM​ aviation .When I thought about becoming a pilot , I got to know about HM AVIATION and went down there , It was a Aviation institute which is Managing by 3 successful Directors who is having a very well knowledge in aviation field from past many years. So i think they can lead me to a good career . Immediate basis they did all documentation for me and I started my flying with them in New Zealand . All the faculty was good in here. Very happy to fly in New zealand and the cross countries were awesome .Lovely weather conditions. Different climate .Nothing much to worry about the security here because its such a peaceful country. If there is any issues with the Academics or in flying the Cheif instructor and Shirley will help a lot in solving them . Friendly faculties .Different culture and can meet lot of people which helps in development of personality and as far communication skills too.

  • Angad Singh

    Congratulation to Angad Singh on your Hiring with Air India as Junior First Officer.

  • Nurul

    MR Nurul Congratulations on your hiring with Jet Airways.

  • Hanniel

    MR Hanniel Congratulations on your hiring with CAE Flight Simulator.

  • Deepa

    Miss Deepa Congratulations on your hiring with Reliance Aviation.

  • Abdul

    MR Abdul Congratulations on your hiring with Jet Airways.

  • Frank

    MR Frank Congratulations on your hiring with Jet Airways.

  • Gowtham

    MR Gowtham Congratulations on your hiring with Jet Airways.

  • Capt.Ankur

    Hm aviation is a start up by an aviation pioneer, who started his aviation journey at a very early age, joined international careers flown narrow body jetliners to wide body jetliners of both airbus and boeing, Capt ahmad subair doesnt need any introduction of himself. This is an attempt to do something good for Indian aviation and aviation enthusiastics.

  • Anindya

    First I would like to thank to the entire team for giving so much efforts towards making a student from ab intio to a successful pilot. Like others I had also dreamt to fly high but I had neither any guide nor I knew a correct way to be in the sky. Then I found this institution named 'HM Aviation' over Internet and I submitted my bio. This was the first step to my dream, later I was contacted by them and they valued my dream as well as showed me the right way to be there. From the beginning to the end it's been a great experience for me which I would never forget in my life. They had been with me in every step, they guided me in my every milestone. Many times I went wrong but they showed me the actual way out. I think what could be an institution be better than this! I would like to recommend everyone to go through this institution, not only for guidance but also they will share new ideas in Aviation which will be vivid in your memory till your last breath. Last but not least I would specially like to thank team admin for their astounding endeavors for showing the actual direction towards making their career bright. I wish everyone's good health ahead.

  • Dhaval

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation to H.M. Aviation and its team for their support during the entire process of admission. They've helped me encourage and choose the right Institute for my future endeavours. Special thanks to Nidhi m'am, Sumitha ma'am and Shinoj Sir for being available at any given time of the day to solve the queries I confronted. Be blessed!.

  • Dimple

    Everybody dreams to be pilot,But very few live it. I'm Dimpal, from Gujarat and I can proudly say I'm going to live mine.I was searching for flight school in India or abroad for my training. Finally I find HM Aviation then I understand aviation structure.And now I got my visa and I'm going to live my Dream.I'm going to do my CPL course in South Africa Cape Town.With HM aviation my dreams come true.

  • Piyush

    My Experience is very good with HM Aviation...Staffs are very friendly and supportive to me,they helped me in every single process.I got my Admission and Visa with the help of HM Aviation.At last,I d'nt have enough words to say about HM Aviation...Except that HM Aviation is Best place for Pilot Training Admission. Be blessed!.

  • Maitri

    The dream of becoming pilot came true when I found the right institute. I thought that was sufficient to start flying, little did I know there were so many steps and bunch of procedures required to start. This is when HM Aviation helped me with all the pre requirements. Right from explaining the course details, medical requirements, visa application HM Aviation have assisted me throughout. The counselors have been a huge help to me. They have personally paid attention to every little detail in creating my profile. They have cleared all my doubts, helped me in fulfilling all the procedural forms on time, assisted me on all queries patiently.

    I would personally like to thank Ms. Nidhi for all the guidance she has given endlessly. She has been a huge help from the beginning and always has been available throughout all the process. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Nisha, Pooja and Rashi who have been available complete all the procedures.

  • Ashwin

    Hello , myself Ashwin Sylvester from Bangalore , Karnataka . It was my passion to become a airline pilot from my childhood , I did alot of research and alot of homework for the best flying academy all over the world . Lately I found HM Aviation in which they provide affordable cost and less amount of time course period and some best flying academy. I would really like to thank each and everyone for helping me in and out for my documentation and visa process , I'm looking forward that HM Aviation still support me till I complete my CPL. Now I'm heading to start of with my training for PPL AT Skyhawk ! Hoping to spend rest of my life in the air thank you HM.

  • Simranjeet

    HM aviation building a successful careers for long time and the team is very supportive and the best part is they always in touch every flight and school.

  • Majid

    Hi I,m majid from kerala .Every body have a dream in life.Everybody dream to be pilot,but very few live it,' proudly say I lived mine .As I was completing my ba chalet,l was researchingfor flight school iin India and abroad.After one year HM aviation then come into picture and made things smooth for me to understand the entire aviation structure.From decideing flight school to visa formalities , they made all in one roof.This made simpler for an aspiring pilot.Now am going to southafrica for PPL licence pilot licence,south africa have only minimum course duration.After PPL I want take CPL commercial pilot licence also.first i thank to god and my parents they are insparing me,and I like to thank HM aviation has been the constant source of support and guidance for me in this industry.DREAM ,dream can change your life.

  • Kanakharaaj

    Overall i had a great experience most importantly you guyz have been giving only the best information in terms of choosing the flight schools, in terms of getting the visa and etc . Thanks a lot for everything and i need your support in the future also 😊 hope i will get 👍.

  • Rohit

    Hi I am Rohit, I want to become a Pilot in my life , then I came to know about HM Aviation which is one of the best institute which help me to bring my dream closer and helped me to become Pilot by doing my all process in very good manner and less time, through which I also got more passionate for my dream and the staff in HM Institute is very well educated and good who helped me in doing my whole process. The head of the HM AVIATION is very well educated and very good person as he taught everything very clearly and cleared all my doubts.As, at last I want to say if anyone want to became Pilot should join HM Aviation as they treat you as their family members. Thanking You.

  • Atul

    My dream have been brought down to realty with the help of HM AVIATION TEAM. They suggest, guided, and also gave their opinion to me for my well future. The team is good. They really showed their effort.But the team should also provide enough information to students before they select their academy. Which was not done in my case for eg. flying hours in simulator, csessna 172 or any other aircraft,Details about the uniform. If I see it Overall then it's good. I hope that my word will be taken in consideration to improve the team. Thank you it was really a good experience with you all. Once again I would like to Thank you all.

  • Avinash

    Hello, I'm Avinash from Visakhapatnam,After my graduation, I wanted to pursue my Career in Piloting and i came across HM Aviation, which was the representative of the flying school in New Zealand, They handled all the prerequisites required to start the course.They are very supportive and helpful from the day one and ensured that all the procedures were done in a short period of time.Special mention to Nidhi,Pooja,Nisha and whole team Of H M Aviation as i look forward for my training.

  • Satyam

    It all started with me viewing the website of ‘Air Hawkes Bay’ wherein I found the name of ‘HM Aviation as their official representative in India. I visited HM’s website which told me a lot about aviation and the path to be followed for a successful career in the field. As an aviation enthusiast, there were many answers to be found, HM’s well-qualified instructors helped me get answers to those innumerable queries. The instructors in the academy are very well qualified to teach the subject of their area. The ground training was conducted properly as promised, the atmosphere to study in and the helping nature of the instructors, especially the director of HM Aviation definitely needs to be brought to limelight. Many concepts which were quite difficult were simplified and taught keeping the base of the concept as it is so that its meaning does not change. The non-teaching staff played a vital role in co-ordination and also helping its students file their respective visas. Overall it was a good experience at HM Aviation, New Delhi.

    Cheers Capt.Surpreet! (Director,HM) .

  • Tomy Sathyan

    I'm Tomy Sathyan, It has been a great pleasure for me in going to get my CPL from USA through HM aviation.Firstly i go through many aviation agencies but all there i didn't get a complete satisfaction.finally i came to know about HM aviation,Really its a very good experience for me. All the process moves very smoothly by the help of HM aviation. All staffs here are very friendly and helpful.I love HM hospitality,they guide me in a very proper way.I done my US visa interview successfully by the proper and continuous training by them.All other agencies that i gone gave me only stress and depression regarding money etc etc.But from here i got full support and confident to make fullfil of my dream as a pilot & i met a successful pilot here ; Capt. Supreet singh, He is so cool and frendly one then Harmeen suroya mam, she treat me as a family member of her own, then Nidhi,Nisha,Sandeep,vikas,pooja all were work hard for me in step by step process Thank you all, I trust in God because he only make me to come in HM aviation, Thank you HM aviation.!.

  • Saveetha

    Flying has always been a dream and passion to me, HM aviation helped me in all possible ways right from day one to convert my dreams into reality they have always stood by me and guided me through the path of success.

    HM aviation had planned a very effective cadet program in Delhi with instructors who were very well experienced, this helped us gain a lot of knowledge. Every instructor shared their experiences of flying which gave us courage to take up flying as a career, they were very encouraging.Our mentors who helped us throughout the two months were very caring, they were always focused on our success, they were always ready to listen to our problems and would find a solution to it at the earliest. We not only had a knowledgeable ground school but also a lot of interesting simulator sessions and some fun filled outings within a short period of two months. I would like to thank captain Saumya who made me an expert in technical, captain Ken who made metheology very easy and interesting he also gave us a few very interesting simulator session, captain Vikas for his very helpful notes for navigation, Kajal ma'am and Nidhi ma'am for all the help and hospitality they never made me feel I was away from home, my dear batch mates who were really mind blowing, last but definitely not the least captain Surpreeth for all those knowledgeable classes and for starting my journey with HM aviation Thank you sir.Big thanks to everyone who were a part of the cadet program my dream would have remained a dream without all of you

  • komal


    Myself komal preet .My dream to become pilot is when i was in 8th class. I know the job of pilot is difficult and risky , but prestigious .My family and friends motivate me to do this course . Then i started searching on different website , then i fill the form in HM Aviation in new delhi . They provide me the best guideline and motivate me to do this course . Then i search school which they told me is in newzealand , its very good and support every student . On 31- 07- 2017 , my newzealand visa had been approved . Now i am very exicted to fly and i will work hord to fulfil my dream .

    Thank you .

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