The HM Aviation professional pilot program is designed to take the student from 0 hours through their private, night, commercial, multi-engine, and instrument ratings. The program prepares the student to enter the industry as a professional pilot. The entire program, including training in India and abroad takes approximately 18 months, but will vary individually with each student.To enter the program, the candidate must be 17+ years of age and posses a Class 1 Aviation Medical, and clear an HM Aviation psychometric examination and interview

In response to the airlines greater demand for well qualified pilots, HM Aviation has developed a professional pilot program. This ensures airlines in India are supplied with the best trained and qualified pilots.

The Professional Pilot Program undergoes the following stages:

  • Application Process
  • Psychometric Examination
  • Personal Interview
  • Class 1 Medical Exam

  • Basic Theory (India)
  • Advanced Theory
  • Flying Phase 1 & 2
  • Flying Phase 3

  • Flying Phase 4
  • CRM (Crew Resource Management)
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Multi Engine (ME), Instrument Rating (IR) Exams

  • DGCA (CPL/ME/IR Conversions)
  • Airline Interview Preparation
  • CV Submission

The professional pilot program starts in India with 2 months of ground training in preparation for flight training abroad. This involves ground and simulator training to introduce students to the world of aviation.

The student will complete approximately 9 months of flight training.The student will complete the private pilot license, commercial pilot license, multi-engine rating, and instrument rating. Flight training can be carried out in Canada, the United States or New Zealand, depending upon the preference of the student.

The private pilot license allows the holder to fly aircraft and passengers, but not for a salary. The commercial pilot license allows the holder to work as a pilot (for a salary). The multi-engine rating allows the holder to fly an aircraft with more than one engine, while the instrument rating allows the holder to fly an aircraft in reduced weather/ visibility. The commercial pilot license and the multi-engine and instrument ratings are requirements for the airline pilot.

Upon returning to India, the student will receive 45 days of conversion classes for the DGCA conversion. The final step in the Professional Pilot Program involves 3 months of airline preparation training. The student prepares for the airline’s selection process including interviews, aptitude, simulator and psychometric testing. HM Aviation’s Professional Pilot Program is very through, and offers the best training available for a career as an airline pilot. Airlines have been very impressed with graduates of the program, and graduates can look forward to a successful and exciting career in aviation.For further information, please contact us at

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